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Independent shop development Momentum is very hot, but many sellers are not too relieved, hesitant. Worry about leaving Taobao such a sophisticated trading platform after their own independent shop has no visibility, do not promote the business. The worry is that the cost of using an independent shop will be too high and the risk will increase.

Independent shop now is the future development trend of E-commerce, its development process is certainly more stable. Independent Shop Although early may not see what benefits or even no gains, but everything needs an accumulation, quantitative changes can be qualitative change. and independent shop development early stage, competition is small, is the best time to enter. The sooner you do an independent shop, the more likely you will make money in the future, because with the accumulation of time, your independent shop's popularity is increasing. As an independent shop has an independent database, can facilitate the collection of customer information, according to customer age, consumption habits, such as analysis, to carry out two of the purpose of marketing, cultivate customer loyalty, maintain customer group stability.

In fact, the investment of independent shop is very small, like the Chinese distribution of "Distribution E Station" Independent shop, Ecshop Independent shop, Shopex Independent shop is a good choice, you need only a computer, understand the basic computer operations, the delivery of internet costs and electricity can quickly have their own independent shop. Does not need to open the shop in the third party platform and controlled, has restrained own development.

These E-commerce service providers not only free to provide independent shop system, some like Chinese distribution, and even for sellers to provide high-quality Internet sales, to help sellers expand the scope of business, wide nets more fish. To provide a variety of value-added services and promotional proposals, unlike in a large platform to open shop, can only rely on their own groping, or with competitors conditionings, it is difficult to seize the opportunity to have a big.

So the vast majority of sellers need not hesitate again, early one day to join the independent shop, early one day to seize the e-commerce market opportunities.

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