Stationmaster should establish the essence of website is the idea of information channel

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The network is essentially an information channel, the entire network system is composed of countless sites, any one site is playing the function of information channels, it is countless single sites together to form a network such a large information channel. Webmaster to understand that you have established the site is essentially information channels, through your channel can occur goods, services and other types of transactions, and the fair for your site to bring profits. The value of any Web site is to faster delivery to meet the needs of users of various types of information to facilitate the completion of transactions, to obtain profits. This paper emphatically expounds that stationmaster should establish the essence of website is the idea of information channel.

First, the website as a part of the network, is essentially the information channel. The advent of the network so that the speed of information transmission has become more high-speed, the high-speed transmission of information will promote goods, services and other transactions become more frequent, the site as a single individual of the entire network, which essentially plays a role in speeding up the further transmission of information related to the subject of the Web site. The more valuable information your site can provide, the more likely it is that a user will come up to your site to get all kinds of information about their needs. The Web site you create as a platform for information delivery, play the role of information channels, users and users, users and businesses, businesses and businesses, can be through the Web site such an information platform to establish a variety of contacts, the occurrence of various kinds of substantive transactions, when such transactions to a certain scale, you can gain profits, The business value of the site will be highlighted. Webmaster as long as a deep understanding of the site as the role of information transmission, essentially a can facilitate the completion of the transaction of information channels, will see clearly the direction of the operation of the site.

Second, the website as the information channel can promote the completion of all kinds of transactions. Site profitability is the webmaster are always thinking about the problem, the site is the key to profitability is your site can better promote the completion of the transaction. The website has the information transmission function, lets the commodity, the service information and so on quickly passes to the user, the user according to own demand will have the transaction. Talk about the information transfer function of the website, it is the most core function of the website, understand this, we only can let the website provide the content of value, ability transmits more valuable information, let the user be willing to happen more trade, we also will obtain more profit. Website as the most typical example of information channels: Baidu, Baidu as a search engine, only to pass the website address information, to meet the user to find the convenience of the site, it created a huge wealth. We may ask, Baidu users did not happen to deal Ah, Baidu as an information channel, in the possession of a large user base, through the delivery of various types of goods, services and other information, the user based on the auction site information completed the ranking of the transaction, on the one hand, to do the ranking of the merchants to Let Baidu itself also has the ability to create huge profits. What channel means that your transaction will be completed through this channel, which naturally enjoys the right to distribute profits.

Third, again, the webmaster should understand that the channel itself means to obtain profits. Commodity channels, cash channels, information channels can occur profits, the webmaster understand the concept of the channel, the profit is not far away. A simple way to explain the channel can make a profit, for example, now every city pedestrian street, pedestrian street itself does not sell any goods, only to provide sales channels, but can enjoy the distribution of goods to sell merchandise profits. The emergence of the network, so that the establishment of a strong information channels become possible, Taobao as a commodity information platform provider, access to huge profits. Taobao itself does not sell any goods, but through the establishment of commodity information platform, so that the circulation of goods become more rapid, trading become more frequent than at any time, naturally can obtain huge profits. Taobao as a website, first of all, to create information channels with information value, leaving the message will not have the value of Taobao, will not create the legend of E-commerce. Webmaster to understand the wealth generated in the circulation link, and you set up the site as an information channel is playing the role of goods, services and other circulation, from here to think and operate your website, you will be a new level.

Finally, Stationmaster manages the website the goal should be to create an information channel, through the aggregation of users and create value of the site to obtain profits, the site as a part of the network, will never be separated from its as the essence of information channels, webmaster if they can be the site's information channel function to build more perfect, will be able to get better profits. Stand a row of forum to focus on the growth of the webmaster, to solve the operator profit confusion, to promote the development of webmaster. Good at thinking, good at operation, seeking the essence, to achieve breakthroughs, I believe every webmaster will be successful operation.

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