Street side server was confirmed by employees, domain name is difficult to escape fate

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a few days ago, a number of former street staff posted a message confirming that the street side of the server is about to close. July 2014, the street closed the page version. Its official website is still able to visit, but prompted "the street side network is temporarily closed, please use mobile phone app login".

Street next to the online in May 2010, is the earliest LBS application, the main lbs social services, users can sign in, and enjoy the concessions of merchants, known as China's Foursquare.

It is understood that the street service is about to stop completely, but the specific stop time, and the street over the years accumulated user data can be exported or migrated to other social platforms, is not sure.

A lot of user feedback, in 2014, the street side of the server many times there are downtime and instability. Its official website domain name I am afraid also can not escape discard use, stop analytic destiny!

It is revealed that after the street stop, the founder, CEO Liu Davei (David) and the remaining street staff will be fully transferred to the warm Island network. The site is affiliated with me in the Information Technology (Beijing) Limited liability company, the company has a hatching nature, is the HTC Chairman Wang Red flag under the investment project, by the street founder Liu Davei took charge in September 2013.

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