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October 29, is committed to building products to the United States Oppo technology manufacturers, in Beijing, the exhibition Center released the first electric rotating camera mobile phone oppo N3. As a new member of the Oppo N family, N3, while continuing the family's classic spin-camera gene, is also the first camera phone to use an electric rotating camera to further lead a new creative and interesting photography experience. The flagship-level photosensitive module, with the Schneider-certified lens, is equipped with the newly upgraded PI original painting engine 2.0+, giving the 16 million megapixel camera a 64 million pixel super clear image. On this basis, the new features such as automatic panorama, tracking interest and super macro are added. Considerate platform design lets the camera function become the plug-in, the user may match according to the demand, calmly handle each kind of scene. Figure 1: The first electric rotating camera mobile phone oppo N3 electric rotation Let "thinking of the lens" further oppo the N series of rotating camera once refreshed the traditional concept of mobile phone photography, and Oppo N3 as the N series of the new flagship new machine, in this innovative design and made a bold breakthrough, The mobile phone's camera is upgraded by manual rotation to more intelligent electric spins, revolutionizing the lens to give more "think" space. OPPO N3 has a "think Lens" from the engineers are night and night to overcome the technical problems can not be counted, and finally realized a mobile phone photo of another innovation: the use of "planetary gear three-level transmission mechanism", with stepper motors, mobile phone users only touch the screen, open the camera interface, gently slide the screen, The camera spins automatically. Another fingerprint control, O-click control and other ways to achieve a complex angle rotation. The user's operation is more convenient, but the lens's thinking is more active, in the electric rotation the camera function also will appear more intelligent. Top-level image configuration The unprecedented intellectual photography experience has always been the concept of an artist who captures and creates the beauty of life, OPPO constantly in the pursuit of mobile image hardware and software aspects of excellence, OPPO N3 is concentrated on the expression of an unprecedented intellectual interest in photography properties, such as N3 initiative, a key "automatic panorama", Tracking and other features such as racket, because of the electric rotation for the user to bring an unprecedented new experience of photography. The smart-fun photo experience relies on "top image configuration." On the hardware side, oppo in the market for all of the CMOS components of the fine selection, using the latest generation of 1600w CMOS, photosensitive area of up to 1/2.3 inches, this CMOS can be said to be the current balance between pixel and pixel size between the best choice to reach the level of digital cameras. The combination of large pixel and high pixel brings a better picture resolution, making it easy to get the best picture. Because of the amount of light, light quality control directly determines the effect of the screen, want to top effect, the selection of the standard lens must be more stringent, so in the selection of lenses, oppo with 100 years of industry history, the top lens design manufacturer Germany Schneider Company has cooperated。 And this cooperation will mean that every one through the Schneider-certified OPPO N3 flow of rigorous high-quality German blood, representing the highest level of mobile phone camera one! Figure 2:oppo N3 Schneider certification Lens Pursuit of quality, OPPO has always been "both inside and outside". N3 adopts the upgraded PI original painting engine 2.0+, and calculates it by the Pi original painting engine, and turns the result into a high precision and high pixel photo. After the target is locked, the camera can track and shoot, and keep the best effect and angle automatically. In addition to the horizontal scene "at a glance," the intelligent panorama can also take a vertical panorama, users do not need a big displacement can easily achieve panoramic shooting without missing any corner of the landscape. The pursuit of beauty more than intellectual interest in addition to the revolutionary electric rotating camera, N3 's design is called "Science and Technology and aesthetics collision", in Oppo consistent line of design language, N3 has a more aesthetic unique temperament and soul. Unique star-ring breathing lamp with a high degree of difficulty in the hollow antenna design, to leave unlimited imagination to the user space. In the dark it looks like the starlight is projected on the beautiful star ring, a breath, a suction, the mobile phone is filled with a sense of air. At the N3 design level, Oppo truly gives life to cold tech products and makes boring parameters active. Figure 3:oppo N3 star ring Breath Lamp OPPO Beauty is to provide users with a better experience. OPPO N1 has pioneered the ability to add back touch, N3 also carried out a new design, in the back of a press-type fingerprint sensor, not only can be used to unlock, but also for all mobile applications such as micro-letters, photos and so on separate encryption, intimate custody of the user all information. To create value for the user's products as the goal, Oppo further, the introduction of VOOC Flash Mini power adapter. Half the volume, charging data cable can be plugged in, charging is still the world's fastest and safest. From the savings of a socket to start, reflecting the oppo of the user's respect. Loyal to the "to the United States of the Goods extraordinary" brand philosophy, Oppo has been committed to become the beauty of life to discover the artist. Through constant innovative practice to give life to cold technology products, let the boring parameters live. Through the design and technology collision for the vast number of users to create the United States, N3 is undoubtedly oppo to bring users a big surprise. In the pursuit of the United States on the road, Oppo will continue to move forward! (Source: Chinese Science and technology information)
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