Taiwan famous beverage brand "Stop Pavilion" domain name was registered

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Forum Code Network: March 1, Beijing, China today 11:33 released the "Taiwan beverage brand stop to the mainland to open a shop for one year target 500", in 13:16 by a Chinese netizens registered a stop at the pavilion's full phonetic domain name www.xiejiaoting.com!


The author visited the Xiejiaoting.com clearly saw the site in the construction, of course, can also see the owner has the intention to sell! The Forum Code network will continue to follow up on this report!

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Stop Booth set up 18, from the chairman of Mr. Zheng Kailong a black tea stall began, although it is selling black tea, but with a quality requirements will never compromise the spirit and service of enthusiasm, even if every day must be busy from early morning to midnight! Zheng-Chang is a visit all over the world, looking for the best materials, and to develop a variety of natural health of the new kind of tea drink, has not been interrupted so far! Since 2007 to observe the Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao markets, due to the hinterland of the mainland market, chairman Zheng Kailong always dare not rashly forward. Zheng Kailong said that in the past there are many land-funded, Taiwanese businessmen want to fight for the agency brand, but there are many Taiwanese restaurant industry west to adopt brand agent and frustrated, so the attitude is more cautious. After the number of stores in Taiwan reached the size of 150 stores, the layout of overseas markets began.

Stop ting past business strategy to stabilize both the franchisee profit-oriented, the number of stores around in 三、四十家, no positive sprint number growth. Zheng Kailong said that the Taiwan-made tea drink competition is fierce, relative to the past profits have been diluted, brand long-term business direction is to make every shop can make money, rather than fast open shop.

Site correspondent Contact Domain name experts, said the current value of the domain name also needs to be based on the actual brand value and the cost of investment in the mainland to calculate. However, in Beijing, the report and the brand's current value, the domain name of the commercial value potential in the million or so.

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