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The emergence of the local real estate network has reversed the situation of the local portal, now many buy a house, rent a house of friends are in Baidu search gently a "place name + Real Estate Network", which is the local real estate network, one of the sources of traffic, but I found a problem, many local real estate network operating mode is basically a touch, attract people, Profit, which seems to have become the unspoken rule in the industry, take a rental network to say, I used to run a rental network in Xianning, at that time every deal a fee is the first month of the rental of 50, so I was trying to improve the rental price, which let a lot of rental users feel more expensive.

And in the process of renting a user, a user scolded me, said I earn black money, I was dizzy, I think about it is ah, are out of work is not easy, why charge so expensive? At that time I remember from entering this industry began I copied the so-called experience of predecessors, led to the end of the curse, And now my site has been praised by the locals, because I learned to change their site, I would like to talk about my change of thinking.

First, the transformation of operational thinking, through the idea of changing value

Do a real estate network has a disadvantage that is not much traffic, the site has worked hard to a traffic we are as far as possible to make the flow of the conversion rate, because a flow may represent the money, but I change the course of the site in the 1th is to convert this operation thinking, I've decided to go to my site with less-than-expected traffic in real estate, before the transformation of the website Operation idea is: a flow is gold, the more the more the better; After the conversion of the website Operation idea is: low price to attract traffic, traffic to promote the quality of the site. This is two different extreme directions, but I think as long as you stick to the operation, then you will beat your peers, occupy a half of the city's real estate flow.

Second, to provide low-cost news for the benefit of more tenants

We can open any one by one real estate sites to see, I dare say there is no real estate site has I think for the sake of users, because my second step is to try to lower the price of rental housing, for the sake of users. In the city about the rental room, one of my single rooms rental price is 400/month, and some sites reached 600, and even reached 800, ask this mode of operation is also suitable for the needs of the current social development? And my website specially opened up the low price information column, daily will announce the newest house price information, Through this public way to let users understand my price, and then when they go to other sites to consult the time will find that my site is low prices, so that users will automatically come back to the door.

Third, urban advertising, so that more people understand the site

Friends must have seen a lot of local portal ads in taxis, and I am the use of this trick, I will own the real estate site ads also moved in the taxi above the publicity bar, my advertising language is: to enjoy the low price of xianning rental, please login www.***.com, This is the first example of my ad on a local property site. Through this form attracted a lot of local people to login to my site, I think if you are also operating the real estate site, then you can try, spend a month also only 2000 yuan, but the effect is too bad, because the taxi at any time in the flow, Then there will be thousands of people every day to see, a person can not remember, two times can not remember, then the third time should be able to remember your site.

Set up a trading platform to help customers and renters

When I first started operating a rental network, the transactions were made by the client and the tenant themselves, what agreement, price, time is their own signature confirmation, and now I specialize in renting a store for the transaction, I in accordance with the actual needs of customers and tenants customized a set of rental agreement template, Now the deal as long as the tenant went to fancy the landlord's house, then you can sign the agreement directly here, and then take the key, more convenient than before, but also slowly write the agreement, but also ask the West, such a transaction method has been the customer and the tenant double recognition.

Five, establish the quality of Word-of-mouth, to provide special service outside the station

Do not distort the meaning of the service outside the station, my special service outside the station means that I hired a driver, then spent thousands of yuan to buy a fire tricycle, I this fire the main purpose of the Tricycle is to move, if the tenants feel that their own things too much, then you can through my fire tricycle to help him move, And as long as it is in the city I charge only 50 yuan each time, it can be said that the real inexpensive, general tenants as long as there are things will use my fire, and I this fire the main purpose of the Tricycle is not profitable, emphasis on the promotion of the site Word-of-mouth propaganda, emphasis on upgrading the quality of the site construction.

My rental network After these several steps now the development of the situation is very good, through low-cost housing prices, effective advertising, unique trading model for the site to add a lot of color, now locals mention to rent will think of my website, and I in order to expand the benefits, but also in the rental network to establish a banner, My weight loss site, news sites and advertising in the inside, every day can have dozens of of traffic over, I think this mode of development is the real rental network sustainable development model, my rental network to change the experience worthy of local webmaster reference. I Xiao Wang's website address, this article by Xiao Wang starting A5 website, here also hope that you are mainly profit-oriented webmaster think about their own way of earning a problem, if there is a change, this is the ultimate development of the Web site.

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