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What is Friendship connection:

Links are links to each other on their website. Must be able to find Web sites and site names in the code, and browsing the page can display the name of the site, this is called friendship links. Now there are a lot of so-called cheat links, just the other side of the site in the JS code or IFRAME inside, such links can not be called friendship links, because such links to the webmaster, there is no meaning.

How to get Links:

1. Personal relationship. The new site has no PR value, no rankings, no traffic, so certainly no one would like to change with you. So this time can only rely on personal relationship, 8630.html "> Sometimes in order to survive, can only first put the face in the pocket."

2, QQ Group. Add some related site groups, more in the group interaction. Might be able to chat out a few white send links.

3, the specialized link website. There are a lot of websites and forums dedicated to exchanging links now. Like pushing a forum, there is a special link section of friendship, welcome to use.

4. Resource Exchange. If you really do not get links, only find ways to Exchange resources. For example, your writing is very good, that help others write a soft article, change a link.

5. Purchase link. If none of the above methods are available, you have to pay for it. Now sell a lot of links, the price is more transparent. General a high-quality PR5 link, in hundred yuan above, almost is dozens of yuan appearance. Buy links to pay attention to the following points: A, do not buy too much at a time, easy to be K, 1.1 points to buy. B, do not figure cheap to buy some bad quality links. C, it is best to update the PR value one months before the purchase, so you can save two months of money. D, when the PR value is brought up, hurriedly to change some quality links back. After all, long by spending money to buy links, the cost is too high point.

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