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The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys the Cloud host technology Hall

Look at how the proxy domain is making money.

This year, 35-year-old Chongqing Youth Shili to make use of more than 8,000 domain names, at least earn more than 50,000 yuan per month. Investing in domain names can make money, which is no novelty.

Shini told reporters, he mainly through 3 ways to profit: The first is the domain name parking business, simply said that some of the domain name has been used for some sites, and then closed the site, but the domain name still exists, a number of traffic access every day. Registration of these domain names back to those who need to flow to the customer's website, as long as there is access to this domain name, the automatic transfer to the customer's website, and finally and customers to carry out traffic ads.

The second way to profit is to build a station, "I have a number of industry domain names, such as instant noodles." com, I made a very simple Web page, attracted a small number of online advertising, the total count down also has tens of thousands of yuan. "Shini said.

The last profit path is the more common domain name for sale. For example, the "Park. com" Registration in his hand only cost 60 yuan, but this year at a high price of $25,000.

Domain name investment returns as high as 10 times to 1700 times, of course, there are so many people keen to do so. and want to do domain name investment the best way is to find a big company to do agent, on the one hand can get their own low-cost domain name, on the other hand, the domain name market is very large, but also as their own career to do. Here are some common types of domain names:

CN domain name, representing China, the required domain name of domestic enterprises. Both English and Chinese are included. Is the most commonly used, but also the largest market. COM International domain name, do not introduce the international top-level domain name. Generally like this kind of top-level domain name is must proxy, because everybody most commonly used.

Chinese domain name is the carrier of Chinese characters, the Chinese accounted for 25% of the world's population, and Chinese domain name is very convenient, easy to remember, meaning rich. Since its introduction, it has been widely welcomed by Chinese people. You can imagine how big his market would be. At present, there are 14 kinds of Chinese domain names, commonly used in Chinese. CN, Chinese. com, Chinese. NET, Chinese. Company, Chinese, Chinese. HK, Chinese. biz, Chinese. SH, there are some special meanings of Chinese. Io, Chinese. AC, Chinese. TW Chinese. CC, Chinese. TV, Chinese. TM and so on, domestic enterprises in only the era of interconnection all have.

Modern market is a brand competition market, all major enterprises in the implementation of brand strategy to brand competition for the market by brand to make money, therefore, trademarks are a matter of great importance to enterprises. and TM is (trademark) abbreviation, is the trademark mark, on the internet has the trademark domain name to represent the company's network trademark. Every day there will be the company's TM domain name in our successful registration, such as,,, and so on

Mobi mobile domain name is the first and only international domain name dedicated to mobile Internet service. 3G era approaching, to Mobi mobile phone domain name brings unlimited business opportunities. In just one months, the number of registrations has broken through millions. HK Hong Kong domain name with a distinctive Hong Kong logo. At present, the market has the most potential, registration volume has been rising.

Of course, there are many special domain names, because of his characteristics are also favored by some investors. Agent to choose a big brand, good reputation, variety of the whole, I suggest to the era of interconnection, it is a "national trustworthy Unit", "the Top Ten", is a large enterprise. And their variety is the most complete, this is an indisputable fact. The most important of their agent policy flexibility, according to their own circumstances to choose their own agent model; agent price is very cheap, since the agent is to be able to earn a little more money. Interested friends may wish to know, now engaged in activities!

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