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As soon as we talk about the Web site navigation will certainly be 123, 265 out of it? Why don't you think I can do these good sites? At present, in addition to a good 123 more successful and 265,114, 2345,9991 and so on, you should learn from the advantages of others to develop their own, Instead of saying how others are doing. As in the next I am also doing navigation, and feel good, now do a lot of webmaster site, the reason is that the site is simple to make, profit model clear, then today we talk about the Web site navigation that point.

Draw on someone else's data: by April 2009 China's official data were 316 million, which means that 1 people in all of China's 4 people have internet access, said the strong point may not refer to, the usual friend classmate, the general Mom and dad, the fierce point of grandparents, and then 2, 3-year-old children, basically now people have been on the net, or know the net Station, this quantity is very huge. In this huge crowd, only 30% of the people will remember the Web site, or will play the Web site, or will find a Web site, the other 70% of people, that is, which will not be lost URL, will not find the Web site, do not remember the site, you think of 300 million people 70% is how many ah, 210 million ah, this is a concept ah, any point to your site , are extremely, if now has a website, can use daily every big website, the network commonly used work, all integrates together, does not have to remember which long, complex English or the numeral combination, you say which 210 million people have no reason not to need?

Also looked at other Web site navigation is how to promote the operation. In addition to those methods, how do we get users to use them? Although we are using Plug-ins, broiler, installation and so on to improve traffic, improve the usage rate, so will be a lot of computer people's reviled, ask, now Chinese netizens do not know how much the computer, the purpose of the Web site navigation is to not computer friends love it, use it , rather than a search on the internet out of their own many a lot of scolding. This is not too much for their own benefits? And do not understand what the computer users like to see, the answer is comment.

Although we changed the homepage of the Computer Browser, why not spend a little time and money to publicize their website? Let the Netizen who does not understand the computer with this your footstep, follow your idea to go down. Such a curse is not no, but for online browsing and do not know the Web site of netizens, will not care about this point.

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