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At present the lawyer regards a website Chen or not, more manifests in a website traffic above. The website has the traffic, the case source naturally also has. Here the flow is the natural flow, not to find a software brush flow, brush flow hundred harm without a benefit. Brush flow for a site is tantamount to death behavior, we need the flow is the target customer group clicks the flow, and the site can create value for users, give users a good experience, lawyers can refer to the Lawyer brand building station.

First, establish a brand

Website want to increase traffic, it must have their own brand, such as Jingdong, Taobao, China-gu Law network and so on. Users of your site has a deep impression, repeated visits, will directly enter the Web site or brand words, no longer through the search related words. The focus is that your site can help users, such as the Legal network in GU free to help users answer legal questions, as time passes you as a friend, and to you have a dependency, this is a website real success!


It takes time to build a brand, especially for lawyers, because lawyers are a special group, so few people will remember the name of the lawyer and the site, relatively less access to the traffic. Some people say that you can pass QQ group or some social software, because your target user is ambiguous, release the message will be person t drop, time cost is big, effect is unsatisfactory.

It's the mobile internet age, we can do from the media, every day to find some good articles, or their case source cases, every day to find the target users to share, slowly to build their own brand, so that the Web site traffic will be more and more, interested can refer to the official micro-trust Law network.

Two, outside the station link

Outbound links, such as web platform, QQ mail, etc. belong to the link outside the station. If you want to get traffic through the outbound link is very difficult, 1, you need to send a large number of outbound links, 2, these external link rankings need to rely on the front, 3, outside the chain has a lot of restrictions, with advertising information will often be deleted. Big Data era, information overflowing era, we need to consider the user, the chain is not not can not sit, to do the user has the recommended value of the chain, accumulated more Web site is also able to get a lot of traffic.

Third, search engine

Search engines get traffic, is now doing the flow word ranking, which is also a long-term accumulation of the process, a word to bring the flow is limited, for lawyers, to find a core word, in the core word to expand the long tail word, slowly more and more words, bringing more and more traffic. This method for lawyers or small and medium-sized enterprises is a good choice, over the cumulative, the flow is getting bigger.

For lawyers, the steady increase in time flow of the way there are more than three kinds of, 1, to create personal brand, direct access to users, 2, find the right platform for users to recommend a valuable outside the chain, 3, cumulative to do keyword ranking. The legal profession space is small, the competition degree is big, the most advisable is obtains the flow through the search word, expands the massive long tail word, and the large-scale legal profession website cooperation, fully embraces the Internet, does the omni-directional marketing.

Author: It Dapeng Source: Legal News Network (news.9ask.cn) reprinted annotated Provenance Beathers

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