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Recently feel SEO industry as a whole show a kind of impetuous state, as if everyone in the daily nightly update site, hair outside the chain, to do keyword optimization, but also important point is seemingly a lot of people's efforts around the clock is rarely changed into a proportional flow. SEO Masters including the husband, Guoping, Zac in the language of the SEO revealed a general direction, that is the integration of optimization, for large and medium-sized sites, integration and optimization is undoubtedly to improve the level of the site is an important means. So what should be the focus of integration optimization and how to make detailed planning? I have summed up the ideas of several masters today to share with you.

1. Do not be cautious with the target keyword

Sometimes we find that the target keyword can really get a lot of traffic, the higher the Baidu index, the greater the flow, if the key words can be done home, then there will be no small flow, so the weight of the entire site is concentrated in a certain keyword, all the articles are updated around the keyword, in fact, look at some successful website, They have already abandoned the keyword label, the purpose is to disperse the weight, so that the overall weight of the site to improve, so that 28 of the law of the 80% flow. Therefore, in most cases, when we carefully analyze the site's data, we can consider this method, decentralized weight, so that the overall strength of the site to be promoted.

2. Don't let single anchor text interfere with search engine judgment

Search engine algorithm is always in favor of users, users search what, find what, search engine how to judge the quality of a Web page, this is we need to study carefully, so the anchor text in the chain is too single often lead to the site is considered too much optimization, the effect is counterproductive, So the anchor text should also present a 28 pattern, will be part of the focus on the first page, the other part of the column or article page, this method can refer to Google Webmaster tools in the "Web site-point to your Site connection" table, the number of pages in the table, the greater the overall weight of the larger.

3. Reduce unnecessary loss of home page

Home page in the entire site is the leader of the position, the search engine generally believe that the first page to export the connection is generally more important, so for those long-term squatting on the home page does not move the connection should not give its weight but vote it to other pages? The easiest way to do this is to get rid of some unrelated optimization connections, But these pages also need to exist, at this time nofollow is the best choice, similar to contact us, about us and the record link can be diluted, so that spiders more to fear useful URLs. This method does not say will certainly function but will give the homepage, the inside page as well as the article page all acting more crawling quantity, crawls the quantity, collects also to worry?

SEO is a cost-effective method of promotion, the industry (as it is a small industry) the speed of development far beyond our imagination, to search for SEO, nearly 100 million of the collection, but how much can grasp the degree of integration optimization? Maybe it's a matter of time, So we use time and practice to do a good job of optimization, expansion of ideas, so that the flow of more rapid.

This article is written by editor, Hope will bring some feelings to webmaster friends, if wrong, discard it.

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