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For a website optimization personnel, first of all need to be clear is to optimize the development direction of the site, I believe we can quickly understand. The next is the specific optimization, the specific optimization of the site, some people optimize the effect is obvious, a two-week can see the obvious transformation, and some people optimize the effect is very poor, need one or two more to see the obvious changes. Optimization of the direction of everyone is aware of the construction of the site only need to pay attention to two aspects, one is the content of the site, one is the construction of the chain outside the site.

I believe that as long as you insist on optimization will have a harvest, you optimize although there are gains, but your one-month optimization effect is not comparable to others one weeks of optimization results, so you will be satisfied? If I certainly will not be satisfied, I work harder than others, get the return is not as those who do not have my efforts.

Believe that no one will be satisfied with such a result, this time need to think about the problem, our optimization direction is the same, are the content of the site and link construction. But my optimization is not as good as others, it needs to consider the different optimization methods, it is necessary to analyze the competitor's optimization techniques to get those most effective skills.

We first analyze the opponent's website content updates, we all know search engine spiders crawling your site content and included it, spiders like to have regular updates, content and preferably original content. But as long as you meet these two points you can do a good job of the site content and new optimization? If you think so, then you have to pay that little effort but get a bit of harvest should be. With the new law, the basis of original knowledge content optimization, you need to pay attention to some details, it is possible that these details are the key to determine the effect of optimization. Like, your competitor is usually in the morning 9 to 10:30 to release the original site content, you will find his collection is very fast, you are looking at the anchor text in his content, you will find that its anchor text quantity is not much, but also point to different internal pages, the home page links are not many. Did you notice that?

Next we look at the link construction, we are aware of the importance of the link, but the link is very simple release, such as links, to exchange the platform can be quickly exchanged, like ordinary links, to the forum to publish the signature, to blog post anchor text and so on. But you analyze your competitors, you will find that for these basic methods they are a black sheep, you carefully analysis will find that they increase the number of links per week is more stable, fluctuations are not very large, the distribution of linked objects are relatively high weight of the exchange platform. Exchange links They will not go to exchange platforms, the quality of the exchange of objects are relatively high, such as: PR and their own web site almost, included more, the snapshot also with the new good.

After reading these you are thinking about, you are satisfied with the method of your website optimization? In the one-sided information, you can only learn the most basic knowledge, and can not fully conform to the actual application, this time you need to continue to observe and understand, in the borrowing of their own ideas and ideas actually to operate, this is a real site optimization personnel.

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