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The current site has a lot of, most webmasters take the way is to use a lot of updates to improve the content of the search engine, but there is no such a problem, although the site has been included in the amount of tens of thousands of or even more but the number of visits is still not improved, why? There are many reasons for this, because now you are not the only one to do the site, No matter what type of website you choose, there are a lot of people competing with you, not your choice is not improper, is to do the site too many people, it is difficult to have the opportunity to stand out in many competitions, if only unilaterally by improving the weight of the site so to the novice webmaster is simply a move to hinder, it is really difficult, Others use Web site traffic to profit but they can only helplessly watching, really is the situation. So today we're going to talk about how to use picture articles to improve your site's traffic, and you'll probably get a little more enlightened after reading it.

We all know that the search engine can not determine whether the image of the article is original after all, because the picture is a complex thing, if I used a picture of you, but on my site and you are very different, you may have questions how? because I have changed the size of the picture, not only the description of the picture article , the title of the article, also slightly changed, I think no matter who search engine will think that this is my own original, there is no way to elaborate on its source. So this point can take to use, greatly improve your collection and originality, that is to original picture article.

In fact, search engine to judge the text description of the picture has a basis, that is the attributes of the picture-"alt" attribute, it may be called different, but almost all the Web site in the background to add pictures are all can be set, using our right mouse button to complete the image of the renaming. Usually, we take an article from another website, will modify the title of the picture, attributes, picture article content introduction, but the picture article content to avoid too much, as long as can express the meaning of this picture can, and to the title and keyword Plus.

Find some popular pictures that can express content, set the title of the picture article to the key word of the picture attribute. You can try, if you continuously update on dozens such articles, you will find such a phenomenon, not only Baidu's collection greatly increased and the number of visits also quickly increased. The reason is that Baidu's image search mode can be your article listed as search results, not only so even the news page search results will appear. In other words, if one of your picture articles is included, your site content in Baidu and Google will appear, if you continue to do so, in the near future, you will experience the search engine to bring you the flow of joy, a closer look will know that most of the results from your image search.

There are few stationmaster to realize this point now, this means that the first to update the site in this way will first enjoy the rich fruit, now a keyword will have 100,000 traffic, that in the near future may have similar words will be searched for this number, which will be achieved. Large flow will lead to a lot of benefits, such as to improve the weight of the site, enhance the site's PR, the site has been linked to ads on the click rate will increase, natural income will rise. But also note that the picture article can not have too much text description, generally 500 or so can be, tightly arranged under the key words, if this is the best.

Want to do Google ads have been low income webmaster can be seen in this article after the enlightened, for the future has a new way out. This article A5 the first, by the Jiangyin talent Recruitment NET creation reprint retains job.jyyuan.com, thanks the cooperation.

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