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Some people think that the most needed for sales is the excellent eloquence and the superior temperament that people trust, but I in my ten years of sales career, I found that as a good sales first to have their own spirit, to have their own "root", "soul", and "heart." It is precisely because I precipitated the thick "root", to their team cohesion of the "soul", it is because I have a fear of failure of the "heart", in order to grow their own team, to create a sales miracle.

The spirit of "root":

The story of the Cypress: Cedar is a peculiar plant in South America, and it will go. The survival of the cedar requires plenty of water, and when the water is insufficient, it pulls the roots out of the soil and shrinks the whole body into a sphere. Because of light, as long as a little bit of wind, it will move with the wind, once rolling to the water sufficient place, the ball will quickly open, the root to drill into the soil, temporarily settle down. When the water is once again inadequate and the living is not satisfactory, the Cooper will continue to wander for adequate water.

Can't you live without him? A botanist made an interesting experiment: he used a fence to circle an open space and put a roll of cedar into the most abundant water. Soon, the cedar began to take root and survive. After a few days, the following water reduced, roll cypress rolled body ready to change place. Because of the fence block, several struggles, they will not move any more. Finally, it sticks deep into the soil and grows better than any time ...

This kind of life habit of Sabina is not uncommon in real life. Someone in order to find a good job, frequent job-hopping, jump to the last found, to find a suitable job is not easy. Sometimes, learning to adapt to the most basic, most important ability, the root down, only then can flourish.

Root: A person before graduating from college, are in the family and teacher care to grow, in school to receive the teacher's education, you can take more than 10 years in school as a root of their own, when you leave the school gate of the moment, your root will be cut off, all things to rely on your own, at this time you are out of this "Root", even will be uprooted. When you come to this society, you're like a seed, need to find the soil, to find their own nutrients, the right sunshine, and then start to sprout, ground-breaking growth, and then to meet new challenges, facing the difficult setbacks, of course, before the towering trees, you will certainly encounter all kinds of difficulties and setbacks, If at this time you do not choose precipitation, random to drift, wandering, you may then be uprooted, never grow up a towering tree! So that a person no matter where to go, should learn to precipitate, a select the industry, choose the platform, you must go to precipitate, so that you will have the opportunity to grow into towering trees, Become the pillars of the country, make a difference! A successful person once said that a person in society precipitates a years, five years, ten years is to wait for that moment of glory, in this "the remainder of the King" era, you only adhere to the down, firmly rooted to become a future towering tree, this is a "root" word

Second, the Spirit of the soul:

Soul: Refers to from the human body and get a kind of spiritual backing, for a country has spirit, for a nation has soul, for the army in terms of military soul, for dancing people have dance soul, then our company also has the company's soul place.

Spirit: In ancient times there was a great power--Qin, since Shang Yang's reform, Qin became a big country and powerful country. Because they have a kind of soul that is spirit, whenever they are invaded by foreign enemies or when the country is in danger, they will shout out from the bones: "赳赳 Qin, to Calamity"! This kind of spirit is not only a slogan, but the common aspiration of all the old Qin people, know that the rise and fall of the country is the disgrace of every old Qin, need to put everyone together to deal with a strong foreign enemy, whenever their country to difficult, aggression, will use this sentence to motivate themselves, thus forming a kind of country's soul, National cohesion, they have the spirit, finally let the Qin Dynasty unified China, creating the Chinese history of the miracle!!

Military soul: "Soldier assault" in each recruit recruits into the steel seven even before the ceremony, and steel seven even the slogan "Do not abandon, do not give up" to become many soldiers Commando fans Jinjin praise Mantra. Steel Seven Lian's enlistment Manifesto "A Thunderbolt a sword, a group of Tigers steel seven company; Iron and Steel will be steel, blood for the country to protect their homes; Shasheng frighten broken enemy gall, victorious reputation biography, attack will Grams, keep will, tread the enemy bones sing Triumph!" To be a moving essence inspiring many audiences, this is the embodiment of the soul, an army but not the soul, that this army will have no fighting power, no cohesion, so that a country reduced, and a national army but a soul, then this army will become a true martial division, invincible, Invincible!!!

Dance Soul: In a play called "thunderstorm" let me see what is the real dance soul! I have read an article before: A disabled female dancer lost his left arm, and his partner lost his right leg, and then they jumped out of the world's most beautiful dance, won the highest honor, just when they achieved great success, Some people say that they rely on the compassion of others, poor and successful, some people say that by their body language out of the most beautiful dance of life, and they do say: we use our soul to jump the center of the thought, expressed the feelings of our hearts, this may be a dance soul!!! So we jumped out of their own happiness, jumped out of their own success!

Company Spirit: A company or a team, more need a soul, now the market competition is so fierce, the army does not have the soul, the morale is lax, the team has no soul and will never have combat effectiveness, we Qingdao morning Hui development in Qingdao Jimo, and why we Qingdao morning in the 2008 Jimo, By 14 people can beat their 300 people's team to become the National Black Horse, is it just by luck? No, no! Qingdao morning because we have our company's own soul: "Not Afraid of heaven, not afraid of the ground, dare to struggle, self-improvement, do not abandon, do not give up, first!" First!! We will always be the first!!! " This set of body language let us the morning of the fame spread across the north and south, let us the morning of the people have their true soul, this soul let the morning of the Hui from 2008 14 small team, leaped into the now has 120 people team! When a person is hit by a setback, when he is hit, he cannot hold on. Perhaps this kind of soul becomes a kind of spiritual prop, this is the power of the soul!!

Third, the heart: is a state of mind, but also a realm of performance, "Invincible in mind, invincible in the world."

When you climb to Mount Everest or the highest peak of the world, there is a "small list of mountains" of the spirit, and then use your arms to shout "Invincible, Invincible in the world", this can be the so-called success of the highest state of mind! When you quarrel with your friends, tell yourself, "Invincible in the heart, invincible in the World", At this time your side will all become your friends, when you meet a strong opponent to tell yourself "invincible, invincible in the world", then you can easily overcome your opponents. When you face difficulties and frustrations, tell yourself "invincible in the heart, invincible in the world", then everything will pass, let you frankly face!

Why a company, an army and even a country have roots and cannot succeed is not strong enough! Why does a person work in a job for 10 years, 20 years why is always flat ordinary and unsuccessful? Because of the lack of soul, and as a successful person why have a root, have a soul why can not reach the highest limit of life, Is for his mind is not broad enough to reach the "invincible, Invincible in the World"!!!

The unity of the root, soul and heart is the process that a person or team must go through on the road of success, when you do this step, after the death of rebirth, may reach the highest level of life!

I have ten years of sales experience here to share, I hope to help those who still can not find direction, lost direction of the people, I hope in the success of the road you, have me, have her our common success!!

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