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Domain Name City ( October 10 News, the 21st session of China Domain name contest-"Chinese Dream • China red" I love Chinese. CN "activity is on the hot. Chinese domain name, is China's internet to the world's Internet number, with Chinese characteristics, representing the Chinese culture. China Domain name Contest entry time, as of October 11 22 o'clock, welcome to care, support Chinese domain name friends enthusiastically enrollment!


About the big game

China Domain name contest is hosted by domain name City (, which has the index meaning in Chinese domain name industry. From 2006 to 2013, seven years since the successful holding of the word, pinyin, Chinese domain name contest, the content is rich, various forms, is a Chinese domain name session of a grand event.

This time, the contest theme "Chinese." CN "domain name is the top-level domain name of China, is the Chinese network logo on the internet." China's state-owned enterprises, institutions and a number of large companies, are favored to use. CN domain name as its Internet business card. Chinese. CN as a typical Chinese domain name, its future development value can not be underestimated. In the face of the current depletion of the. com domain name, the Chinese. cn Domain name undoubtedly provides a greater creative space for enterprises and personal owners. Chinese. CN domain name by all aspects of the focus of attention, market prospects are very broad. Chinese Dream, Chinese red, let the world see Chinese. CN.

Vertical Network Brand Portal "domain name City" ( and professional domain name trading platform "Easy to Interface Network" ( decided to jointly host the Chinese Domain name contest-the 21st Chinese dream • China red I Love "Chinese. cn" Domain name contest, welcome everyone to participate actively.

Second, the contest registration rules

1, this contest only calls for Chinese class. CN domain name, unlimited length;

A, domain prefix must contain Chinese characters;

b, the domain name suffix must be. CN end of China's national domain name;

2, any of the previous Chinese domain name contest won the domain name should not participate in this contest, once found, the disqualification of the entry;

3, the entry for each entry only one time, the maximum can be reported in 2 Chinese. CN Domain Name (please do not use different ID registration, we will check the registration of the domain name and domain name City account IP), cheat on the discovery of disqualification and permanent ID account;

4, the contestant must be the domain name City member, the entry registration please must use the domain name WHOIS mailbox, sends the mail to: dasai㊣ (please change the symbol ㊣ to @);

5, Entry form:

Mail title: 21st Session Chinese. CN Domain Name Contest

Message text:

A, the entry domain name (up to 2);

B, the introduction of the domain name (the shorter the better, do not exceed 10 words);

C, the competitor's domain name City account number (ID user name);

D, the participant's real name, real address, zip code, contact telephone (very important, the need to send in kind prizes);

(e) The names of the participating domains prohibit any words involving political, indecent or other violations of national laws and regulations;

F, please carefully in accordance with the above requirements for entry, not according to any of the above entry requirements registration is invalid.

Third, the competition time arrangement:

The first stage: immediately, the entry domain name starts to register, until October 11 22 o'clock deadline. October 12 22 o'clock in the evening Full entry list (due to the national Day holiday, so the registration time is two weeks)

The second stage: five days time, the domain name City member public audition unifies the jury appraisal, produces the preliminary contest list;

Phase III: Five days, into the 100 strong;

Phase IV: Three days, into the 20 strong;

The fifth stage: Three days time, the championship of the Asian season competition;

The voting time of each professional award is interspersed throughout the contest, and the voting period for each professional award is three days.

Four, the contest selection rules:

1, the second stage, the contest primaries by the Chinese Domain name Contest panel and the domain name City members of the public audition combination of the way to select the preliminary list. The judges of this competition by the domain name City administrators and moderators, VIP, judges composition;

2, the second stage and later stage, by the domain name City members open vote to determine the final domain name ranking, to the number of votes to win, if the same number of votes can not be ranked, polling time postponed one day;

3, professional Awards from the full list of candidates to select the candidate domain name, by the domain name City members of the public vote to determine the final domain name ranking to the number of votes to win, if the same number of votes can not be ranked, polling time postponed one day.

Five, the contest awards set:

1, the champion domain name one, the domain name owner awards the Chinese Domain Name Competition Award certificate, simultaneously rewards the value 1000 yuan prize;

2, the runner-up Domain name 2, the domain name owner awards the Chinese Domain Name Competition Award certificate, simultaneously rewards the value 600 yuan prize;

3, the third runner-up domain name 3, the domain name owner issued the Chinese Domain Name Competition Award certificate, at the same time rewards the value 300 yuan prize;

4, in addition to the above Crown Asian quarter outside the 20 strong domain name, a total of 14; to the domain name owner issued a contest souvenir, and with the consent of the domain name holder, you can publish the award-winning domain name to the "Top Domain Network" ( on display;

5, Domain name Professional Awards 5, to the domain name owner of the Chinese Domain Name Contest Award certificate and Souvenir contest;

Best Industry Domain Name Award

Best name for a firm

Best Creative Domain Name Award

The most promising Domain name award

The most symbolic Domain name award

6, Special Award:

Beijing Yi Jiehua Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. for the 20 strong contestants and professional award winners, each award a discount price of 1000 yuan to register a trademark of the eligibility (valid until December 31, 2013).

Other matters of the competition:

1, the current Chinese domain name contest activities by the "Domain name City" and "Easy to Network" jointly held, the final interpretation of the right to "domain name City" and "easy to network" all.

2, China's domain name competition support media: (Ranked in order)


"Admin5 Webmaster Network"

"It teahouse"

"Webmaster Home"


"Chinese Internet Information"

"IDC Review Network"

"Stationmaster's house"

"E-commerce Home"

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