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Hello, I am the Beijing United States air-conditioning maintenance. For the most recent SEO session of the hottest topic is the Wolf Rain Forum, this topic even covered the same day the other two focus: first, Google PR big update, two, Baidu big update, very regrets the wind vane is constantly changing, constantly in the influence of others, very irrational, Or the drift of the people to do word-of-mouth marketing media. In front of an article I also talked about our webmaster don't talk too much about these seemingly very good things, envy still better to retreat and networking, do not help others to fan the flames of a wood also cheerfully said their correct choice. Through the Wolf rain SEO This event I think a lot, because the immediate sense of small events also have great opportunities, we webmaster can not drift, do a "confused" webmaster.

1, the Wolf rain SEO events have what opportunities?

Wolf Rain SEO is justified, life is so strange, the first one months may be the wolf rain or unknown personal webmaster, but now a leap into a generation of "East evil." Wolf Rain SEO Fire is in demand, lies in his deeds let the webmaster in exchange with each other in-depth discussion of the talk, so that everyone in the promotion of feelings can also have vent, or some harvest.

Many people regard this event as a lively event, I think we should seize this opportunity, I think even small events will have great opportunities. So what are the chances of the Wolf rain SEO event?

A, maybe Wolf rain is really an expert in combat!

I do not know much about the wolf rain, also did not go to the class to listen to his class, I do not know whether he is really a complete combat experts. But from his example, his SEO technology is still very strong, no matter how we think of his modus operandi, at least his method is very useful. This opportunity is really the newspaper class, you can learn from him the most real combat experience, these experiences in the future to do the station in the process of creating 10 times times even a hundredfold value.

B, hot event is a means of marketing!

No matter how we look at a hot event, it is an event, and there will always be someone to take this event, whether you are critical or supportive, we have to make full use of this time for their own benefits. For example, we webmaster will write soft text more than a few soft wen, for their own site to earn a few more outside the chain, if someone needs soft text services, you can also through such a soft text to carry out their own money plans.

C, domain name registrars of the spring!

I do not know if anyone in this event before the outbreak of a very sensitive to register some of the relevant domain names, like a period of time before "I bribed" similar domain name, may be related to the Wolf rain domain name a lot of people have to rush it! I do not know whether these domain names are of great use, but some of the webmaster may feel very value.

2, why not to do a drift of the webmaster?

And we talked a little bit before and we do whatever, what to say, must be responsible for their own words, or that we speak to a certain thing to let oneself have a sober understanding, perhaps we really to the unbearable, have to speak to express their feelings of indignation, but also want to clearly grasp the purpose of speaking, Do not be a drift of the webmaster.

A, Wolf rain SEO event is a very good negative example?

Many people say that Wolf rain seo is a very good SEO aspects of teaching materials, it seems that he warned us to do SEO or to behave, do not think some crooked thoughts, black hat even if it is not light, but it is not necessarily undesirable. I don't know how many black hat the wolf's method has, but still quite admire him for so many stations can do the home page's determination and ability. I don't think it's a completely negative example, for beginners I think first do not consider the use of Black Hat method, and for some old webmaster suggest you carefully study, you learned to use is not your problem, you can choose not to, so your station will not be K. Grandpa Deng all said: Whether it is "white hat" or "Black Hat", can catch mice is a good cat, we have to believe Grandpa Deng's words!

B, wolf rain seo real cow, I want to find him to sign up for study seo!

For SEO training I have been holding such a mentality, learning can, but must learn something. I did not participate in the training of the Wolf rain I do not know the specific situation, there is no absolute say, we do not easily decided to sign up to learn, we must consider clearly, whether they are impulsive. The basic knowledge of SEO to their own slowly learn better, until the foundation are mastered can go to a deeper level of ascension. Very admire Wolf rain for the study stage of perseverance, he spent more than a year to deep learning, he in this period of time to test a lot of Baidu algorithm rules, who has such determination and courage?

No matter what the above two views of supporters, must have their own ideas, not easily shaken, but also from the heart of the desire to analyze their own heart. So that we can grasp the big opportunity of small events, let this opportunity for us to create unexpected values and achievements. People who want to communicate with me can add my qq:843745641

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