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But I found a lot of places worth studying. Write here where I have been harvesting these days.

1: The local forum must have a team, they are mainly four administrators, their division is very clear, the first Administrator Technology Art Forum Management (mainly responsible for the forum's main business), the second administrator is the organization offline activities (his offline activities basically once a week to two times) Third administrator: Promotional pull (this administrator's background is strong, he has a certain relationship with our local WJ |) Fourth administrator: Finance (mainly responsible for the activities of the offline activities of the funds and advertising costs to pay, etc.). If there is a conflict, they take the Yiyantang way, who has the most shares, listen to whom, rather than the kind of democratic statements I imagined, each of which spoke, Do it all. Once the policy was established, they acted accordingly.

2: A city has a lot of the generation or the next, as a local forum, there will be a generational gap between the generations, people like the topic is always more mature, a few people less sensible, So a lot of topics are not on the top. And how did they solve it, first of all, their managers are all generation, for the idea of the people they do not understand, so they will their younger brother generation, younger brothers or sisters all up, an administrator to call one or two relatives difficult, so the administrator through these relatives will be the generation of generations Ditch had a Shou rush. This is very useful, can not use our perspective to see the children of the children.

3: The use of celebrity, because our urban population is relatively not much, so celebrities are relatively not much, but they often can use their own relationship, always can contact one or two celebrities to their forum answers, such as television host, such as the chief executive of a certain place. They can drive specific people to their forums.

4: Rich offline activities, it can be said that I have been in the forum of his activities under the most abundant, every week will organize a certain number of people to climb mountains, and then, what happened, they organized red ribbon, blue ribbon, singing K and other assorted activities. The best way to cheat a little girl's compassion is to go to a nursery school and participate in a child's classroom activities. There are also activities such as going to a nursing home. This can always make a group of girls sympathize with the flood. It can be said that basically the core members of this local forum have participated in such activities. This strengthens their emotional ties.

5: Use the model effect, or use the beauty effect. God, I can't think of such a trick, where there are so many like flowers like beauty. But I on his forum, every day is fresh, every day is not the same color. Originally I asked them a moderator, a lot of beautiful women are hired to come over, take a few want to film, put it up, let the model hair a few posts, a group of the sex-maniac to the death of irrigation. Then the forum gives a 50 bucks. The model disappears. I have been cheated by him, I also want to ask why not return my post, is not my mind enough. The original is this kind of bird, so I now look at those beautiful look at the good ~ will not say to die, only for the beautiful back to me a post.

6: Participating in the official major festivals or conferences, such as the NPC, Political Consultative Conference, the official will invite them to sit on the sidelines, such a group of people want to contribute to the city's users always publish their suggestions, although the written is written, but the official does not bird such remarks, but the folk also have a good way to the zenith. What's the name of a recent event called a traffic policeman to invite netizens on the road. Forget exactly what the name is.

7: Lawyer team stationed in: There are one or two particularly free lawyers often online, I do not know why they are so free, often post irrigation, lawyers can solve some of the civil service disputes, so there is a group of supporters. The lawyers can also take a few orders.

8: Advertising costs: Ah, people sell herbal tea ads they can pull, people sell a cup of herbal tea to earn a one or two yuan, are willing to spend a thousands of advertising. I really don't understand how this kind of outreach talent joins the team. Admire. Their advertising revenue has been stable, a monthly estimate of 670,000 or so, so that income can balance their spending, only so the people stable.

9: Management stability, I have to say, so far, management has not been a person to say no or other problems, I do not know why.

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