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Liu Zhanhu is the center to curb the rapid rise in housing prices have been issued, but the real estate development enterprises, including the Central enterprise of the land of the excitement is still not reduced.  17th, the central Enterprises Poly Real Estate, poly (Beijing) Property Development Co., Ltd. with a high price of 3.04 billion yuan to win Beijing Chaoyang District, Feng Village residential mixed public building. According to the China Real Estate Research Center (CRRC) calculation, the plot area of 129326.7 square meters, the volume rate of 2.8.  According to the price of 3.04 billion yuan, the ultimate floor price reached 23506 yuan/square meters, a premium rate of up to 313%, at least to sell to 30,000 yuan/square meters, can guarantee profitability.  Price beyond imagination, even the host is sweating a person on the field of CBN revealed that the central government has to regulate the property market to prescribe a series of prescriptions, but the real estate enterprises to seize the intensity has not been reduced. The above field personage first, the auction process intense degree surpasses imagination.  Beijing Huaye Real Estate Co., Ltd. deputy general manager, the Secretary of the Chen Yunfeng first bid, directly gave a 1.8 billion of the price, higher than the price of a full 1 billion. Subsequently, the auction scene quickly entered the white-hot competition.  Century-Hung, China-built international, Nanchang in the overflow, Longhu real estate successively into the war.  Until more than 100 rounds, poly real estate in the auction close to the end of the first time to raise the card, the price is 3 billion yuan, and then the price of 3.04 billion yuan eventually will be in the pocket of this land. Meanwhile, the live auction host also shouted: "The price is beyond imagination, even I have started sweating."  "The institutional obsolescence of small developers?"  In Poly sky-high day, the central government to the property market regulation again prescribe prescriptions, this time is aimed at the state-owned real estate enterprises wantonly destroy the land market pull the city.  In this, by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the central bank, the Ministry of Inspection and the Audit Commission jointly issued the "on further strengthening of land transfer revenue and expenditure management notice", requires local standard land transfer income amortization behavior, land assignee (simple understanding that is the buyer) the first payment of the proportion shall not be less than 50% of the total land transfer price. This move the developer to take the proportion of the first payment to 50%, after most of the local implementation of 20%~30% down payment policy.  The industry believes that this will directly increase the financing costs of enterprises, "king" phenomenon or will be cooled.  But there are also scholars who think that the policy may have another effect, that is, the land market is more skewed towards large, cash-rich enterprises, and SMEs are more constrained. Yang Chongguang, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the price of land could be lowered in the short term after a progress down payment.  But may also appear another consequence, is the large-scale real estate development enterprise in takes the monopoly advantage to be more obvious, but is not advantageous to the small and medium-sized development enterprise. Chen Yunfeng, who went through the Battle of 17th, also held a similar view. He thought that after 2009 years of unexpected sales back and a lot of financing, the new Year listed companies will not be soft,In fact, in 2009, a large number of small developers have been eliminated from the land market, that is, in 2010 will be the big developers to fight the world.  Beijing Land section of the first broken 80 billion mark in this year's large housing enterprises, especially the state-owned developers in the promotion of the domestic key urban land market is unusually prosperous, land income is also soaring.  According to the Beijing Land Consolidation Reserve Center data statistics, as of December 18, Beijing has openly sold 234 cases of operating land, the total amount of transactions over 80.3 billion yuan, which is also a record number of Beijing land market. This is also after Shanghai, the domestic another city to sell land income breakthrough 80 billion yuan mark. China Index Institute statistics show that as of November 23 this year, Shanghai land transfer income has reached 82.1 billion yuan and ranked first in the country.
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