The Chinese who died in the World Cup-meet on the rooftop, the "world of sadness" between men and women

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Time: June 17, Place: Liaoning Province, China

An anonymous 22-year-old woman and her boyfriend had a quarrel-men wanted to go out all night to watch the ball, but women disagreed.

You know, during the World Cup, such quarrels are not uncommon. The same quarrel between a couple and a couple is played out all over China, because although the Chinese team did not qualify for the World Cup, it did not hinder the enthusiasm of the entire Chinese people to watch the World Cup. In Xiangyang, several women dressed in shorts and soccer bras pose for photographers, expressing dissatisfaction with their boyfriends in the form of entertainment. Unlike the girls ' playful mentality, the Liaoning girl chose to jump off a 9-storey building to end her life.

After this happened in the next Monday, Guangzhou, a student surnamed Lin, after receiving a call about the World Cup betting game, he chose to jump from the 7 floor. It is reported that students surnamed Lin lost 20,000 yuan for betting on football. June 27, the 32-year-old Wang surnamed Hainan Woman in the World Cup gambling ball lost more than 200,000 yuan, burning charcoal in the room himself.

21-year-old Wuxi girl Xiao Cai in the loss of thousands of yuan, since the guidance of a kidnapping scam, to the parents to defraud the ransom of 20,000 yuan, and to do not pay the ransom will sell the daughter to do prostitutes as a threat. After Xiao Cai fled to Shanghai, she was watching the World Cup match when captured by police.

According to data from the National Sports Lottery Center, more than 150 million people bought the soccer lottery for the World Cup in 2010, 3 times times the World Cup in South Africa, only on the June 12 World Cup opening day.

There are also reports of a World Cup soccer game leading to suicide in Hong Kong ...

Although these suicides have exposed the potential mental health problems of these people, many medical experts in China have pointed out that the World Cup is the trigger for suicide, if not the World Cup, many suicides can be avoided.

"During the World Cup, because of mood swings, many people feel that their mental disorders are starting to happen again," Zoo Jing of Hunan Brain Disease Hospital told BuzzFeed, "China does not do enough in this area of mental illness--a weak link in public health management, Many Chinese think that anxiety or dental repression is not a serious problem, nor is it important. They did not see the doctor, but the World Cup sparked their psychological problems, so we saw a widespread mental illness outbreak during the World Cup. ”

The left doctor said he had watched many of the World Cup-betting patients, saying: "Many of the patients who bet on World Cup bets have emotional ups and downs, which can lead to a relapse and a fight." A lot of people came to us for advice. ”

The recent outbreak of World Cup deaths is more than mental illness, as the group is usually at 3 o'clock in the morning and 6, many fans stay up all night watching the game, because of the night to watch the ball, causing some fans of the body fatal injury.

A 39-year-old Shanghai man who stayed up for three consecutive days watched the ball and bled to death in the Uruguay match against Costa Rica. A few days ago, a 25-year-old man in Suzhou was found dead in front of a television set, and doctors thought the cause of death was lack of sleep. Li Mingqiang, a 51-year-old football player who used to be the goalkeeper of the Dalian team, died from heart failure as he watched Holland's Spanish game.

Left doctor and his colleagues in the face of the illness expressed great concern, they specifically opened the "World Cup Clinic", a day to receive more than 10 patients. A 29-year-old patient who stayed up to watch the ball caused severe cerebral infarction, while another 30-year-old male patient was hallucinating after watching the ball all night, jumped from the 2 floor window.

Left doctors say watching the World Cup has made the disease seem like a snowball, causing serious health problems.

Han Xiaoning, from the first hospital of Peking University, once treated a female patient with coronary artery spasm, a patient who watched every game and didn't want to miss it.

"I've seen patients suffering from acute glands speaking inflammation and myocardial infarction (heart disease)," she said. But she also said all the patients she had treated for the World Cup had finally survived. She believes that the fact that many Chinese do not have carnival experience is the leading cause of mass disease and death during the World Cup.

Here is a good example, a 26-year-old pregnant woman watched the ball for 4 nights in a row, when the German team Thomas in the match against Portugal scored a goal, she excitedly up and down to celebrate, resulting in severe abdominal pain, was sent to the hospital was diagnosed as miscarriage.

A 34-year-old Shanghai Investor says the common problem stems from a lack of experience. He said he had a good game before, but he read about the death of the World Cup, so now he is not a must-see.

Of course, there are people who make money on this, and an insurance company in China is selling World Cup health insurance and World Cup life insurance.

The insurance programs they offer include "watching the ball and drinking high risk" for alcoholism, for accidental personal injury "out of the game", in response to sudden death and respiratory infection, "Night red Eye risk" and the "cargo risk" for gastroenteritis, if the insured died, can be compensated for 10,000 yuan. So far, 1743 people have bought these wonderful insurance.

Now only the semi-final, the three or four finals and the finals, the World Cup death case should not be as common as the previous period. The 2018 World Cup was held in Russia, and many Chinese thought it was a good thing, at least not until the next time they watched the ball.

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