The continent starts the St Xingye reorganization

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St Societe Generale (600603) in the win St Societe Generale (600603) control rights One months later, the "continent Department" quickly launched the reorganization of the company.  St Societe Generale issued a notice last night, is planning a major asset restructuring, since May 27 suspension, will be disclosed after a major asset restructuring plans to resume trading. According to the previous announcement of St Societe Generale, the injected assets are most likely from the Xiamen continent Real Estate Group. St Societe Generale's new chairman, Chen Tieming, in the board "cabinet" has promised to start as soon as possible debt clearance and related due diligence work, within six months to clear the company debt restructuring solution, and as soon as possible to promote the restructuring of the company development. In the clear real estate industry at the same time, St Societe Generale said, will have a certain strength and conditions, and strive to new energy, investment and other areas to expand.
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