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In the Internet industry, a group of people known as "corn Merchants", specializing in hoarding, trading network domain names, their common feature is rich and mysterious, difficult to find traces. The 27-Year-old "Young" is one of them, few people know how many domain names he has, but when overseas buyers look at a domain name that Chinese people hold, most will find him to help, the domestic network investors want to find an ideal. com, around the end will often meet him. However, people who have seen "young" are always very few, and there are few who know that he is willing to drop out of school to get a domain name.

Fun Juvenile Lang

"Young" Chinese name Xu Yang, 1980 was born in Chaoshan, Guangdong. It is a piece of the famous coastal plain, Li Ka-shing, Lim, Wong Kwong Yu, MA, and so on a large number of domestic and overseas leaders of the Chinese business.

Those who are struggling for their children to move, poor performance and distressed parents, if you see the past Xu Yang, may be in the hearts of a more comforting and hope ——— from elementary School to university, the child almost did not really seriously in the school to concentrate on learning. Junior high school used to play football, high school playing computer, college basically did not have a class. "This is Xu Yang's own summary. After saying this, this seems to have been a steady "big Brother" estimate is afraid to mislead the children, hurriedly explained: "I am not fooling, I am too obsessed with programming technology!" ”

Read a freshman, Xu Yang first contact with the computer, from the beginning and out of hand, often truancy ran home to tinker with his 386. "At that time teach my master not to know much, textbooks are difficult to find, mainly by self-study, but I feel very good, progress quickly." Xu Yang recalls that after two months of learning, he even began to teach master some programming tips. Three years in high school, he was basically a companion to computers.

1999, Xu Yang into the South China University of Technology Telecommunications Institute, here because at the same time to train TCL chairman Li Dongxhen, Konka President Chen Weirong, Skyworth Masters Hongsheng "three Jie" and famous, Xu Yang soon began their own free life.

"My computer level was pretty good when I went to college," he said. "Xu Yang said that, in a big moment, he entered the college's" network team ", become one of the technology" leader ", and soon took the first place in the school computer competition," I almost became a full-time developer, when the network has just arisen, the campus network and even some Off-campus network engineering are we do. " ”

Drop out Grab domain name

In the second semester of freshman year, Xu Yang participated in a market research project for multinational companies to study the development of mobile interconnection in China. "Time is not long, but the impact is very big, suddenly feel the technology of things can eventually become a business, and probably know the market analysis method." "It was during this time that Xu Yang began to focus on the domain name of the network.

"Once wanted a domain name, remember not to do, to find the agents in Beijing, ready to send money to register, the result is not yet sent, the domain name has been a U.S. user to buy away." Feeling annoyed at the time, I started to find a quicker way to register. "Xu Yang said, at that time, the excellent domain name is actually early registered, but we do not realize the value of the domain name, many good domain names are often deleted because there is no renewal, to accept the registration of new users, and then appear because of the same name in the same domain and each other."

"With the general manual way can not Rob, so I began to write programs, calculate which domain name will be deleted, when will accept registration, and then use the program on time to submit applications, so as to take the domain name to hand." "This time, let Xu Yang feel exciting not to get the domain name, but their own registration procedure technology," is to feel fun, unique sense of achievement, because your program is the best in the world. But soon his senses changed. "Some domain name registration, the next day, the third day unexpectedly someone to buy, the price is more than 1000 U.S. dollars, and registration fee is less than 10 dollars." "This kind of accident, let the newly enlightened business consciousness of Xu Yang began to realize that this is not only a technical game, but also make money!"

Since then, Xu Yang began to linger consciously in foreign major domain name forum, to know a group of later in the global domain name field famous Big shot, "We are just starting the ' corn business ', often a piece of analysis, mutual cooperation, gradually knot the friendship, outsiders difficult to enter this circle." ”

The lucky god soon favored this group of the earliest "corn merchants", in the second half of 2000, due to the dotcom bubble burst, a large number of Web sites closed, a batch of high-quality domain names because there is no renewal of the domain name Management Agency ICANN deleted, accept re-register, every day the good domain name equivalent to nearly a year ago, the global "corn Business" Started frantically registering.

"Everyone keeps on getting new technology every day, competing for registration, registering for a time, and having to compare who registers with the most, and then start preparing for the next day's scramble." "This is an ongoing battle, for Xu Yang, this is not just a technical challenge ——— because of the limited funds, he can only in tens of thousands of registered domain name selected hundreds of, this test is his ability to identify domain names." He would then have to sell some of it appropriately to sign up for more domain names, a test of his ability to sell.

The climax of the rush has lasted 3 months, from the United States, South Korea, China's more than 10 technical experts carved up the value of the difficult to estimate the quality domain name, the group of people later in the global domain name domain, including the world famous "corn Crocodile" ye and others. Almost self-made Xu Yang also rely on rolling development, in a few months after the accumulation of their own tens of thousands of domain names.

Since then, the volume of registration opportunities no longer appear, but fragmented registration and trading is continuing, at this time Xu Yang simply moved out of the school, began a professional "corn business" career. As a result of his long absence, Xu Yang eventually ended up dropping out of school.

International "Corn Trader"

In the vast expanse of the network world, the role of domain name similar to the site's "house number", the Netizen only know this address, can find the corresponding website. An easy to remember, loud domain name, in the end how much value?

Public trading information shows that in 2004, the domain name to 7.5 million U.S. dollars sold, 2005, the domain name to 12 million U.S. dollars, one months ago, the domain name sold 9.3 million U.S. dollars ... Domain name transactions are ongoing every day, more High-value domain names are still held in the hands of "corn merchants", including Xu Yang hands of a large number of domain names.

Xu Yang is living in Guangzhou, he picked out from the domain name as his company's website URL, the publicity effect is like the big gold in the goldsmith shop counters on the golden Wealth, jewelry store in the carat diamond necklace as eye-catching, stylish, there have been bids for hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars to buy, was Xu Yang flatly refused. And most senior "corn business", like Xu Yang to their own years of accumulation under the domain name cherish, easy to sell, he put the main business in the two-class domain name trading intermediary services, that is, to help domestic and foreign buyers to find the desired domain name, to help domestic and foreign domain name owners looking for buyers

"Our trading platform now hosts hundreds of thousands of domain names, there are. com, and there is. CN." "This year, in the launch of the network traffic Direct business, Xu Yang opened a two-level domain name trading platform, the size of domestic and foreign" corn business, "The domain name concentrated in a piece, centralized trading, fair trading, their own when the intermediary.

"Buy a domain name is also very fastidious about, what domain name can value how much money, what domain name has appreciation space, what domain name is reliable, how many miles apart how transfer, these are very professional problems." "When the seven or eight-year" corn traders, Xu Yang encountered a variety of traps, "someone to buy the domain name for Low-cost, the story that their loved ones died, want a domain name memorial site, the results of the purchase became a commercial website." ”

"Selling domain name is not an easy thing, thousands of different domain names you hold in hand, but who can find you?" Most of the quality domain names are actually dormant and wasted. "and Xu Yang through their own domain name trading platform, has hundreds of thousands of domain name activation into a website."

Network Boundary "heterogeneous"

"Network Technology master", "Domain name investor", "80 's CEO", plus the legendary story of dropping out of business ——— according to the rules of the game of the network, such people should have been fired to heaven. However, even in the internet industry, the number of people who know Xu Yang is still very few, in this impetuous circle, the young man has become an "alien".

At ordinary times, Xu Yang basically stay in Guangzhou, the main work every day with their own technical team, busy always busy technical development affairs, or several domain name transactions. Every weekend, in addition to participating in the two football friendlies, he has no more entertainment, in various industry forums, industry parties, it is difficult to see his figure. Occasionally, Xu Yang also attends some activities closely related to his company's business, but each time he listens quietly to the Internet elite's passionate speeches. Perhaps the speaker did not know that the domain name that he bought heavily was the young man from the stage. (Zebian Admin01)

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