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With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people join the ranks of the webmaster, the corresponding types of Web sites have emerged. The rapid growth of netizens has caused different users ' demands, which has promoted the classification of users by the network, and developed from the original integrated direction. At the same time, the traditional portal site began to extend to the local site, and has local characteristics of the site and the community is also constantly popping up, the current local site how the operation has become the webmaster most concerned about the topic. Operational aspects of the site should consider the direction of development, profit points, as well as promotional models and other issues.

6720 Webmaster Trading Network ( for the majority of the webmaster to provide an opportunity to exchange, the first "local Web site operation" Experience of the cash prize-winning essay activities officially launched on May 18. Whether you run a local site or not, whether you are a rookie or a veteran, whether you are a grassroots or a regular army, don't worry about the road without a confidant, the world who do not know June. No need to gorgeous language, no need for extraordinary literary talent, as long as your site on the local operation of the idea of the real record down, and share with each other. Every stationmaster has a dream in heart, you, I harvest not only a paragraph of words and experience!

Entrepreneurship is a game of wandering between heaven and hell. One side is wealth, honor, praise ... The other side is fear, loss, helplessness. Entrepreneurs are lonely, the wind is fierce, alone on the high-rise. Alone to endure the lonely forward, there are bridges, desperate courage ... 6720 Webmaster Trading Network sincerely look forward to writing your story, let us walk with you!

Date of submission: May 18, 2010-June 18, 2010

Polling time: June 19, 2010-June 23, 2010

Announcement of poll results: June 24, 2010

Entry Address:

In addition, the essay also specially invited four guests, including: The founder of the Dragon Lane-Chanyu, Hefei Hotline founder-Wanghai, sing Community operations Director-Du Jun, Yantai Forum Founder-Cong Jinlong, as the special guest review of the essay activities. All webmaster can submit their entries in 6720 Webmaster Forum, and share their experience in the operation of local websites and all kinds of ups and downs, then will receive the valuable comments of the guest judges!

Award settings:

First Prize 1:

Reward Cash 600 yuan, one product gift Box A, 2000M Linux dual-line host, Yan Huang Overseas host one, Kesioncms basic version of the commercial authorization set

Second Prize 2:

Reward Cash 300 yuan per person, flowers open rich gift box one, 1000M Linux dual-line host, Huang Yan overseas host one, Kesioncms basic version of the commercial authorization set

Third Prize 3:

Reward cash per person 200 yuan, run the Chrysanthemum gift box one, 500M Linux dual-line host one, Huang Yan overseas host A, net Earn Treasure Standard Edition intelligent system set

10 Award Winners:

Each person rewards the East fence chrysanthemum one box, the 500M telecommunication Universal host one, 488 creates wants the integral, I pulls the coin 30, the individuality T shirt custom One Piece

This event is specially acknowledged by the following trophy sponsors:

Under the eastern Fence Chrysanthemum Industry Co., Ltd., eight degrees of data, Yan Huang Network, kesioncms developers, I pull the nets, net earn treasure, Chongqing slip Personalized Gift Shop

This event is specially acknowledged to the following webmaster media:

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