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As a result of price and service advantages, more than 90% of the domestic web site used are virtual host. From the current situation, excluding China million network is currently configured for virtual host independent IP, other IDC suppliers are basically exclusively shared IP. Even, a lot better than the performance of the virtual host VPS, many are also shared IP. This is the current situation and based on IPV4 technology under the conditions of the increasingly depleted IP resources of the real decision. If you do not consider the site optimization factors, the advantages of independent IP may not be so obvious, but as a seoer, in the beginning to optimize your site before, you should first confirm that their own website whether the use of independent IP, as soon as possible independent IP host price slightly higher. Independent IP host in the optimization of the advantages of shared IP can not be compared to the specific embodiment in the following areas:

One, the configuration of independent IP host site can be the search engine to give a higher weight, enhance the content of the site to collect opportunities. It has been proven more than once that a Web site configured with an independent IP host can be more valued by search engines. Because the independent IP only corresponds to one or a few domain names, the shared IP may have three hundred or four hundred domain names. As a search engine, naturally think that there are independent IP site organizers put more effort, this is like why the number of registered years more than the domain name is more easily favored by search engines. There is a point is that independent IP is generally a stand-alone server will be configured, only large sites will be used, do not know if this is not one of the factors of search engine considerations. But one thing is certain, in the content of the site, the quality of the chain is quite the case, the allocation of independent IP host site rankings to be more on the front.

Second, the configuration of independent IP host site, will not be with the server on other sites "punished" and implicated. Because of the characteristics of the virtual host, a server advantage will usually place three hundred or four hundred or more sites, once one of the sites by the search engine penalty down the right, all the sites on this server will suffer. and independent IP host in this respect the advantage is obvious, because the configuration of different IP resources, be implicated or interference factors are much smaller. Because search engines can't tell who you are on the same server.

Third, the Internet to deal with frequent, the allocation of independent IP host site was innocent shutdown of the probability of a lot less. Last year's internet crackdown has let a lot of webmaster talk about the network color change, hard business for several years of the site, the result of other people's website involved in bad information cause their own website also follow the screen shut down. Now, with the third generation of filing system online, the new deal more emphasis on the responsibility of operators. and operators in order to avoid risk, once found that there is bad information about the website design, the first step is to screen the server to do 80 ports or sever access to the server IP, which causes the entire server's Web site can not access. Independent IP has a congenital advantage, unless the server is shut down, the normal site will not be any implications.

Four, the configuration of independent IP host site more conducive to the implementation of external links. Google and Baidu and other large search engines have made it clear that the same IP links will not play any role. If your site is configured with a separate IP, this does not need to worry, because the independent IP is the world's only, no matter who and who exchange links will not appear the same IP situation. I am particularly impressed by the six-year experience of the Shanghai website. In general, we completed the customer site, will be at the bottom of the customer site plus pilotage technology to provide site construction, or Shanghai website construction Company to provide technical support links, and then the keyword site construction or Shanghai site Construction link to our website, do not underestimate this link, because customers have a good hundreds of, So time a long effect naturally very obvious. But this advantage is also only independent IP can enjoy, if it is shared IP, link no more effect is still the same?

In the process of website optimization, the advantage of independent IP is already very obvious. Of course, this is not to say that website optimization only independent IP can be, to obtain a more ideal optimization effect, but also with high-quality content original and high-quality reasonable import links, as well as basic optimization techniques. This article by the professional Shanghai website Construction Company Pilotage Technology ( original, hope can give you some help, if forwarding please specify, respect others labor achievement actually also respect oneself.

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