The impact of content relevance on SEO rankings

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For SEO, relevance is an important factor in SEO. Dependencies can refer to the relevance of the site to the site, the relevance of the internal content of the site, and so on. Some people write blog when the habit of their mood log write up, occasionally no relationship, accumulated over the article, the correlation is poor. You said today you go fishing, tomorrow and talk about kidney stones, the day after tomorrow said you go shopping in Beijing. The day after tomorrow to think of SEO. I think a lot of such SEO blog bar. Cheated.

The basis of the site is based on a unique high-quality content building, if you want to play a good SEO effect, but also pay attention to how to combine the content of the site's relevance. There is a saying, the content is king, I think should change, the related content is king. Through the combination of the content of the site, you can make the page of the site more competitive, more conducive to optimization and promotion.

Why does the search engine attach importance to the relevance of the site? Most of the search engine's algorithm changes for the purpose of adjusting the quality of search engine results, which is to improve the user experience, in order to return better results for users, almost every search engine is the same. Each site has its own theme, search engines of course very much hope that each site's content is tightly around their website theme to unfold, and do not want to see the content is patchwork.

The better the correlation, the more like the search engine. When a user retrieves keywords about your site's theme, the search engine may return the search results that contain your site to the user, just as simple. In particular, we carry out SEO services, it is necessary to treat the customer's site is like treating their own site.

How do we improve the relevance of our website?

1, pay attention to the relationship between the site content

There are a lot of content that can be spread around the theme of a Web site, and the correlation between content and content can be concatenated through the invocation of internal links.

2. Note the relevance of the site's external links

External links is also an important factor in SEO, basically every site will often exchange links with other sites. Many people exchange links are only concerned about the other site's PR index, and ignore the relevance of the link and the site's update frequency. Note that PR is not a treasure.

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