The impact of site title and description on SEO rankings in line with user requirements

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Site title and description is the most important content of the meta information of the website, most of the websites will set up the information of the website according to the "around word" principle. For example, to do weight loss Taobao site, will be "beauty slimming" "Weight loss Method" and so on as a key word. However, the webmaster selected keywords, often based on the keyword flow-oriented, regardless of the user needs specific information, we try to search "weight loss method", ranked first site as follows:


The title of the content is "Winter weight loss slimming method, winter weight loss recipes, winter weight loss recipes Daquan," although it is a kind of weight loss method, but very specific, and the largest one is in line with the current season, highlighting the winter of this word, and weight loss and method of these two words in which seems to be only after the combination of Baidu Word, not the site deliberately keyword.

From the above case, we can see that the site title settings need to include the customer's immediate needs and implicit needs. Direct demand, the same industry site basic understand and do, but if you can master the implicit needs of users, compared with the same industry site, there is unparalleled advantage. Let's look at a more detailed example. We search "Yunnan tourism" this keyword, Baidu prompted as follows:

The figure can be seen in Yunnan tourism, the largest demand has three points, are: Raiders, attractions, maps, you can imagine, if your title contains the user's three-point implicit demand, will the click Rate be higher? The following figure is the "Yunnan tourism" rankings.

Top three of the site, all highlighted the Yunnan travel Raiders This word, on the contrary, only contains the Yunnan tourism site, ranking are in the post. The relevance of the site title to the user's needs is to a large extent felt the ranking of the high and low. However, this effect is generally valid only on the first three pages of the site.

In addition, the title and description, the content of the three consistency, but also affect the quality of the ranking of important factors. What is the title of the party, that is, specifically those cheat clicks, no actual content but the title of the hype of the post. In the author's industry as an example, we can search the "wrecker" and "Wrecker car price" The word, the results appear as follows:

Search results, the top three of the site contains price words, can be seen that users are very sensitive to the price, which is also in line with the characteristics of corporate website products. But the site content, basically there is no introduction to prices, typically in the user, feel fooled. Good site, need content and title consistency, these sites although not in recent several upgrades have been processed, it is estimated that the best will not be too long.

Summary: Title and description and content need to be around the user needs, do SEO pursuit rankings, but we also need to take into account the user's ideas, search engine ideas, the site only adhere to the user needs to start, to do a good job ranking.

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