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I've sold for a long time, but I've been asked recently how to sell Let me take a moment to say something about it.

In the second half of 05, it was not discovered that there were such a "> Navigation website, when there were not many domestic navigation sites, A handful of so one or two, and 123 navigation network is one of them and is the earliest domestic, when the domestic hao123 official hot. There are not many people in the country who know about this area. First 9123 nets on the site is full of curiosity about the domain name, why call 9123 navigation without domain name (later in Cheng Blog to understand that has been registered), Immediately landed, the results found to be a movie site, and content for a long time did not update, at this time my brain will produce a to win the idea.

06 Spring Festival on the eve of the contact with the original owner of the "ambition", through MSN Chat several times, always talk to another I am satisfied with the purchase price, at this time the offer is 20,000. At this time I fell into a hesitant stage, in the end is to buy or not to buy. First of all, if only from the perspective of the domain name investors, the actual value of the domain name must be between 10,000 to 15,000, the other need to consider is that I won after the end can sell, can sell a good price, for me this is the most important. Because the price of can be sold directly depends on the buyer can afford the range of prices, and this buyer only 9123 navigation network to give a more ideal price.

So at that time my first task is to study the development of the video industry, and the future trend of the industry to make a general forecast. Third, the core members of the 9123 network to conduct a thorough study, at that time is mainly to understand the founder of the 9123 network Cheng some work experience and team situation. Both give me the conclusion that the 9123 navigation network is sure to succeed. And after the success of the real 9123 to recover.

After all the analysis, the decision and the "Dreamer" final, the end of 18000RMB high (then price) to buy

Then there are buyers contacted me, of which the highest out to 8000 U.S. dollars, were I one by one refused, because they are not sincere buyers, but fried.

A few months later, February 08 minutes, I and the original 9123 navigation founder Cheng signed the sale of the contract, this domain name will never belong to me (this before the 9123 navigation network successfully financed 2.6 million U.S. dollars). Many people want to know exactly how much money is sold ..., signed by the two sides signed confidentiality agreement, so inconvenient to disclose!

A lot of people think I am farmers (the person who sells domain name), actually not, I have never reselling domain name, this is only my first time. However, although not fried, but the hand also has a few good domain names such as is mine. Overall, I am still more fortunate, because the first investment on the successful shot, it is worth a happy.

, I hope to know more webmaster friends, mutual exchanges and progress. (

Personal experience:

1. Investment domain name do not blindly act, also do not throw, more vote, the opportunity to find a good enough.

2. Do not be too greedy, appropriate time to hand on the shot, miss this village does not have this shop, especially the investment domain name this industry.

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