The method of raising prices of consumer goods will be very covert in future

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"Financial network," reporter Xu Bin with the rise of consumer goods prices, the National Development and Reform Commission also interviewed related enterprises, which indicates that the future consumer goods enterprises will be very "hidden" price increases. In response to recent media reports of Unilever and other Japanese enterprises and the top new (master Kang) and other instant noodles business price information, the National Development and Reform Commission said 29th, the matter of high concern, will send investigation team to the relevant enterprises to investigate. China's broadcasting network said the national Development and Reform Commission responsible for March 29 disclosed the above-mentioned regulatory measures. March 22, there are news of Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Nice and other brands have issued a price increase notice, the price is about 10%. Beijing has already received a notice of price increase. Previously, more than a number of media have reported that, Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Li Bai, nice will be washing class daily supplies are seeking price increases, and Master Kang announced that from April 1 onwards for the third time to price increases.  After these news, the market rebounded strongly, on the one hand, has caused some local people to buy the tide, on the other hand, the price of the behavior itself has been questioned the legality, there are suspected "collusion price" or "pricing monopoly", and worries will further push up the inflation situation. Consumer goods industry, is a fully competitive industry, related products have to raise prices, is the result of devaluation of the currency, but not the cause of high inflation. Limit measures to curb inflation, like smashing thermometers to treat patients with high fever.  In this respect, the market naturally has measures to deal with. Lanzhou Beef Ramen For example, 2007, the price of ramen noodles in Lanzhou rose sharply. June 26, 2007, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commodity prices, Lanzhou beef Ramen Industry Association and other five departments, the introduction of official documents, according to the operating environment, technical force, service levels and food quality, the city's Ramen restaurant (shop) is divided into special, first, two, ordinary level four levels, and limit the maximum price per level. Among them, the ordinary class big bowl must not exceed 2.50 yuan, the small bowl does not exceed 2.30 yuan (namely the recent price rises before the market prevailing price), the second class may increase 8% on the basis of the ordinary level, the special level, by the business enterprise according to the local catering industry regarding gross margin and the rate of  But the result is the city of Lanzhou's La noodle price hike was contained, but the public eat ramen and beef is less and fewer. This situation happened again in 2011. This year's New Year's Day, pull Noodle's trend of rising prices have let Yinchuan beef ramen prices generally entered the "5 Yuan era." Media reports from the beginning of 2010, Yinchuan some large chain of beef ramen restaurant began to increase prices, and this time is the Yinchuan beef ramen noodles again price adjustment, from 4 yuan to 4.5 yuan, from 4.5 to 5 yuan, but this has been pulled Noodle boss quite polite after the prices. The price increase is estimated to be higher if the reduced weight is included. Yinchuan 15th Middle School student Chen Rui to media reporter said: "Now ramen noodles is a bowl big, Tondo, noodles little, high price." I used to eat a big bowl of noodles in the morning full, now 5 yuan a bowl of noodles can not catch a few chopsticks will be gone, add an egg also insist not until noon hungry.  There is no doubt that with the development and Reform Commission on consumer goods price control increasingly stringent, the relevant companies want to live, may only follow the style of Lanzhou La Noodle boss. (Stock market Weekly feeds)
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