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Everyone may disagree with my point of view, but I have seen this year's experience has been a truth, that is, do not be too blind, the heart must have a blueprint to know what kind of station you want to do, and to choose the most appropriate code.

Last year, I started to do an IT class station, Registered and then began to do the station, just started to do a software download station, so also do not consider their own server no resources, nothing to do, with the new cloud CMS do, art is not hard to see, do a crazy after collection, but no effect, one months later found nothing included also no one to visit , so I was discouraged, so I gave up

Then I want to do something else, see some forum to do a very hot, so I want to do the forum to have a user to publish content without their own to find content as long as the management of the good, and the Forum code also has a lot of set up not trouble, so I do forum, but at that time with ASP space, had to use the Dynamic Network forum to do, With the 8.2 version, after doing a good job on their own how to release some articles, are from the webmaster network of articles, and then around the election, hope to fire up as soon as possible, but after one months to find there is no traffic, no sentiment, how to do ah, no way to have to do their own how hard so I registered dozens of of the members, their own posts to reply, want to create a Very popular illusion, but insisted one months later, but the result is very little, feel so tired of the second is that I decided to give up.

See a lot of people use Digg to do the station, so closed the forum after I bought the PHP space with pbdigg2.0 code to do an IT information station, after doing a good job to find articles updated, look forward to their own station quickly fire up, but added a few days after the article but the more I think the layout is unreasonable, and then give up.

Turn off the Pbdigg station not a few days after I have used the dedecms5.3 to do the present station, then did not consider the use of the UTF8 version of the, at that time that should be UTF8 is a trend, but in fact, the GDK version of the better. The forum is made of Phpwind, Now use is 7.3 version, after doing well I finally more satisfied, now I decided that this is the final version, and no longer change the code, in exchange for the site does not have a lot of traffic failure, summed up the lessons of failure, mainly because do not have a good plan to do a good job to consider what kind of code appropriate. All of us must learn from my failure, and never take detours.

This article by the IT Crazy stationmaster to provide, starts in stationmaster net.

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