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Every reporter Zhao Di Zhang Hao a stone stirred thousand layers of waves! Yesterday (December 16), "Daily economic news" reported the "Scenic mountains and rivers IPO suspected" brewing "big Lie", a number of journalists over more than 10 days of Yueyang, Changsha, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu, 5 market carpet survey, found in the main channel of the prospectus disclosure-large supermarket chain is difficult to find traces, Mass production of the company's "Happy Brew" series is not a trace.  Investors can not help but ask, there is no product sales, indicating that these products are not sold, since consumers do not buy these wines, then its declared 7446.05 tons of wine (nearly 7.4461 million bottles) sales, who was bought away? Today, the reporter will disclose more detailed insider-factory production, and the results of the survey also coincided with the sales market. When the reporter entered the scenic mountains and rivers of production area, greeted by a depression: The factory desolate, workers sparse, some equipment rust stains, operating rate is seriously inadequate. The company's confidential work is very in place, erected about 4 meters high walls, the surrounding railings have been added a thick iron sheet, all of this wrapped up.  In the reporter squat guard of nearly 10 hours, have not seen the vehicle of towing goods, this is in the production and marketing peak season, scenic mountains and rivers should present the scene? Surrounding visiting the mysterious winery and "flashy" in the center of Yueyang Pipa Wang overpass, the ancient Yue Tower of the huge billboard impressively erected on the side, according to the local advertising company's sales staff, the Billboard cost 168,000 a year. It is reported that the scenic mountains and rivers such a huge advertisement outside the municipal government also has a piece.  However, compared with the company's extremely high exposure rate in Yueyang, the company's headquarters is wrapped in airtight.  For residents living in the vicinity of the scenic mountains and rivers, the winery on the one hand to provide them with employment opportunities, on the other hand, is "flashy". The tin wall and the concrete wall parcel taxi into the Yueyang economic and technological development zone, after turning a few bends, at a small intersection stop.  From afar, a row of ordinary appearance of the house in the bright yellow wall against the dazzling eye-catching, this is Hunan scenic mountains and rivers Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. The company's main entrance, the metal wall with a red banner, in addition to see the office, the plant's other facilities are blocked. Reporter walking along the right side of the plant periphery, Ming yellow building behind is a circular arc top shape warehouse, at this time, the metal wall into a cement fence.  Unlike the traditional 3-meter height of the wall, the scenery of the mountains and rivers above the big stones, but also with bricks, the height of the wall has risen nearly one times. There is an iron gate at the back of the factory, looking inside from the gap of the bar beside the door, cheerless, can see the wine jar neatly stacked in one place. Company insiders told reporters, the company stock, shipments of vehicles, are backdoor.  Four quarters should belong to the yellow wine production and marketing season, but 4 consecutive days in the scenic mountains and rivers squat for nearly 10 hours, always did not see the delivery of goods or goods vehicles in and out, the door is always closed. In the southwest corner of the plant,The high cement fence turns into a tin wall.  At this time 2 meters high metal wall wrapped a layer of green metal, the top left with barbed iron bars, the lower end until the cement pier, the situation in the factory is still wrapped tightly.  Compared to the side of the oil plant, Hunan Silver, branch of the United States, such as electrical enterprises, the scenery of the mountains and rivers completely wrapped themselves like a "zongzi."  Old man: "The surface Kung Fu do very well" scenery mountains and rivers on the left side of the main entrance is not a broad cement road, at that time is 2 o'clock in the afternoon, there is no rice wine season should be busy, but is a quiet.  Far away, a trolley figure into the "Daily economic news" reporter Eye, so the reporter walked forward with the year nearly six, claiming to be surnamed Wu's old man to chat up. Reporter asked: "Next to this winery famous?" "When the reporter issued this sentence, the old man did not rush to answer, but with his eyes watching the reporter, eyes mixed with a hint of disdain, finally replied," This is a pompous business. "The reporter asked again:" Outside looks like the style, how is flashy? "The old man responds," The ancient Yue tower is to pull the wine from the outside to come back, processing, packing sells out. Can you call it a winery? Good surface Kung Fu!  "" "Gaudy" "outside the Wine processing", the old man's words, to the reporter more puzzled, this let this wrapped up the scenery of mountains and rivers factory is increasingly mysterious and unpredictable. The reporter decided to continue to snoop on passers-by. In the back of the company Wang Jia Fan Road, the reporter saw a sanitation workers. The reporter came forward and asked, "Is this winery in production?" She replied, "Produce, sweep the floor and smell the bouquet." "Can you usually see the vehicles going to the factory pull?" The reporter continued to ask. She said, "can see but less, but sometimes not to pull the wine out, but to pull the wine in." "" Pull the wine into the factory? " The journalist couldn't help wondering. Sanitation workers said, "should be sold outside, so pull back." I saw the bottle with the ancient tower of the packaging.  "Sanitation workers advised reporters to go to Baishiling residential areas, because the general workers in this factory basically live in that area."  Employees want to say also Hugh Baishiling residential area from the scenic mountains and rivers back about 800 meters, gathered a 2~3 level of rural small buildings. Reporter and a sun, claiming to be surnamed Li's uncle chatted up. The reporter asked, "Nearby villagers in the following scenic mountains and rivers to work?" "There is a part of it," said Uncle Li. The reporter continues to ask, "Is this factory developing well?" "It's a long way to go," he said. Uncle Li replied. "Is the benefit bad?" Reporters pressed. Uncle Li said, "Last year this winery recruit more than 50 salesman, but not long to be dismissed back, the benefit should not be very good." Now the villagers who work in the factory have heard that they are not very busy, just have something to do. Then Uncle Li also took a reporter to find a man who had worked in a winery. After listening to the reporter, the young man first asked, "This company is going public, are you a securities company?" "I'm an investment company, and I want to visit the towers of the old," said the reporter.Production. I heard that the company is going to pull the wine from the outside. "Who said that?" he asked. "The reporter answered," The villagers nearby. "There was a mysterious smile on the lad's face," he said. " I've been there before, and a few friends are still in the factory doing bottle-sealing business. "When the reporter wanted to learn more, the lad declined to press the news that he was busy building his own house." But when the reporter left, the lad suddenly came out: "If you are a journalist, want to know what the situation, or to ask the company."  He soon left.  This makes the reporter puzzled, just talked a few words, he questioned the identity of reporters, is the whereabouts have been exposed, or the winery to the staff issued a password? Factory unannounced packing workshop 35 people distillation furnace gave birth to rust scenery mountains and rivers in the end how?  Sales of the market, the description of passers-by are less than reporters to the factory site visits. After many efforts, alone in the periphery of the factory days of the "Daily economic news" reporter, and finally in the scenic mountains and Rivers Insider Panghu (alias), with the help of entering the factory.  In the packed factory, the reporter saw the staff is scarce, old equipment has been a lot of rust stains, which coincided with the production season of similar enterprises, it seems so incompatible. Factory desolate reporters through the administrative building after the fence, the first thing to be greeted is the sides of the arc-shaped blue top, yellow wall plant.  And in the side, still neatly stacked a lot of jars. "The original wine production, to be placed in the company's storehouse for a few months, will be dragged outside the Cellar warehouse." Panghu said the warehouses were used to store the original wine, "It's all wine."  But as the warehouses are locked, journalists cannot get a glimpse. The reporter was then taken to the plant at the back of the plant, Panghu said, "This building is the main production workshop, each process from top to bottom." "Reporters take the elevator up to the top floor, this is the first procedure for the production of rice wine--dipping rice, cooking, pouring rice into the pot." Into this workshop, three of bamboo dustpan is packed with cooked glutinous rice, stacked at random on roadsides-without any pollution prevention measures.  Here, the reporter saw only two workers, seems to be talking about something, not busy. Go down, the reporter came to the fermentation workshop, saw a long tube from the upper layer, can move to 12 large iron cans above.  In this workshop, the cooked glutinous rice on the upper floor will be transported to the iron can and then supplemented with accessories for the first fermentation. Interestingly, at the top of each big iron can, there is a loudspeaker, playing songs that are not popular. As for why the music was played, Panghu smiled and introduced, "This is our Chairman's request, he said the wine is spiritual."  Panghu said the concert was played 24 hours, so the cocktail was better. In this workshop, the reporter did not see the workers.  As 12 cans were surrounded by glass walls, journalists could not tell whether there was any brewing. Down the floor, the reporter saw more than 20 cans of iron, plantTake is a half open-air form, the foot without cement slate, replaced is steel wire net, go to let a person be frightened, fear accidentally will instead Ta Kong. Panghu told reporters that the plant did not take the closure of the reason is the wine to absorb the sun and the essence.  Here, reporters still do not see workers, each tin wrapped with red cloth, "quiet" lying there. Subsequently, the reporter came to a workshop containing more than 50 ceramic cans. Panghu told reporters that this is the last process of fermentation. In the workshop, the reporter saw a worker standing on the ceramic jar, holding a flashlight to the fermentation altar.  Panghu told reporters that in this workshop, the workers to the temperature, humidity accurate grasp, so as to brew a good wine. "Then why are the workers so small that one is too busy to come?" asked the reporter. Panghu said that the factory now implement "shifts", if not particularly to rush the duration of the day to work only so many people. "We were making it at night, when the electricity was cheap. (after the reporter learned that Yueyang industrial enterprises in accordance with the contract, the implementation of flat peak Valley electricity prices, the evening electricity is really cheaper. Some of the equipment rust out of the fermentation workshop, the reporter was taken to the press workshop, where two rows of parked more than 20 crushing equipment. In the cloth, constantly dripping out of the original wine squeezed out.  Reporter noted that the workshop has a total of four or five workers, some chatting, and some mop the floor constantly.  Reporter found that the staff's face and did not wear masks, this with the hands of a company propaganda album, staff production are wearing masks pictures do not coincide. In squeezing out the original drink, the next procedure is to fry wine.  The equipment in the frying-shop is much older than the brewing shop in front of a large jar. The reporter found that less than 2 cubic meters, boxy of iron cans is the wine distillation equipment. At this time, the frying liquor stove is working, the top slot is still at the risk of vesicles.  From the appearance, this stove rust stains, the two export faucet is not known because of equipment aging, or valve is not tight, but also in a drop of water seepage, and this export faucet corresponding to the next process is directly filling the altar, and then to the jars on the mud. "The original wine package to wait for the seal of mud dry, and then dragged to the factory warehouse for 3 months, and then dragged to the field of the warehouse wine cellar for 3 years."  Panghu told reporters so. Leaving the frying-liquor workshop, the reporter came to the filling shop. Inside the filling shop was a glass room with 4 female workers around a machine. Panghu told reporters that this is the filling machine.  At this time, there is no wine transmission belt, it is not on the production at this time. At the end of the transmission belt, the reporter also saw a device, the lower end of the equipment is a metal, the top similar swing type has a shelf, the shelves are small holes, into wine is placed on the above. Panghu said: "The specific process I am not clear, only know steam from the hole in the spray, to the bottle disinfection."  "The reporter found that compared with the fried wine cans, the disinfection of the iron sheet rust more serious." Back to the most out of a factory, the reporter finally sawThe last process-packing. Connaught's factory, only five or six women are in the new wine packaging, the table stacked with wine bottles and wine boxes, the arrival of reporters attracted them to look. In every corner of the plant are sealed, but not labeled finished wine. The reporter picked up a bottle, the bottle lid has been covered with a layer of ash. It is noteworthy that neither the wine bottle nor the wine cover, the reporter did not find the production date. Panghu told reporters, only to label the time, will have a production date.  Reporter unavoidably Heart whispered, so determine the production date, still have meaning?  Industry Opinion wine veteran: scenic mountains and rivers equipment old high profits doubt for a more accurate understanding of the current production situation of rice wine enterprises, "Daily economic News" reporter (hereinafter referred to as NBD) contacted a large yellow rice wine enterprise in Jiangsu for more than 10 years, Ms. Zhan (hereinafter referred to as Zhan).  "Such a high ton price is impossible" NBD: Ms. Zhan, what is the current production situation of rice wine enterprises?  Zhan: It is the rice wine season, we are working overtime to produce.  NBD: We learned that the scenery of rivers and mountains winery because to save electricity, so at night production.  Jayne: This is possible, some places at night electricity prices are cheap, from the point of view of saving production costs.  NBD: But now it's a sales season. Jayne: This is to be considered in conjunction with the sales of companies. If sales are not much, you can save costs at night.  However, we have enough business orders, busy are busy, how dare to save electricity at this time (production at night)! NBD: According to the Chinese Wine Industry Association of Rice Wine Branch data, 2008 Jinfeng wine industry, Kuaiji, Gu Yue long longshan, Zhangjiagang, tower licensing of the average sales price of 5,300 yuan/ton, 6,000 yuan/ton, 6,200 yuan/ton, 8,400 yuan/ton, 9,100 yuan/ton.  What are the reasons for the high and low prices of these enterprises? Jayne: This has to do with the structure of each company's product.  If the company's high-end wine accounted for a large, average sales price will naturally be high.  NBD: How did I find that the price of the scenic mountains and rivers in the same period is 24,360 yuan per ton? Jayne: This ..., I don't know what the statistical caliber is, you ask them directly (scenic mountains and rivers) is better. However, the whole rice wine industry is mainly low-end products, high-end wine sales are small.  It is impossible to have such a high ton price. "They don't use stainless steel?"  "NBD: Is there any hygienic requirement for enterprise production?" Jayne: There must be, like wearing masks and wearing overalls.  We have a complete set of quality management system for certification.  NBD: I found that the production staff of the scenic mountains and rivers don't seem to wear masks. Jayne: Each enterprise's quality requirements, as well as certification indicators are different.  However, the requirements of the listed companies are very strict, our enterprise is not a small winery after all, some small winery is hand-produced.  NBD: The company's wine production, is in which process to mark the production date? Jayne: Mark production date when finished. When the filling is finished, mark(production date).  NBD: How do I find the scenery of the wine produced after the production of the ground, bottle bottom, caps have no production date. Jayne: How can that be?  Our production date is marked on the CAP, and the date of production is marked after capping.  NBD: Wine production can not be separated from water, your equipment will rust? Jayne: Rusty?  We use stainless steel, there is no rust problem.  NBD: Rice wine production youdao process is fried wine, I found the scenery of the mountains and rivers of fried wine rust stains, out of the faucet is not close. Jayne: They don't use stainless steel?  Yes, they used to cooperate with Gu Yue long longshan, is not used Gu Yue long longshan old equipment?  NBD: The prospectus said that Gu Yue Long Longshan was sold to some equipment in 2004. Jayne: That's right, so the old equipment is still in use today!  Technical renovation in recent years, the enterprises are using new equipment, will not rust.  Yellow rice wine Enterprise Production Director: Night production is not realistic in view of the field investigation in the scenic mountains and rivers, the daily economic news reporter also interviewed the domestic famous rice wine enterprises, a production director of strict manager.  NBD: What is the current situation of rice wine production?  Strict: Now is the peak season, every day to work overtime, we are very busy, I will simply say a few.  NBD: Do you think it is possible to produce less during the day and more at night to save electricity? Strict: It is impossible to produce during the day, production by night.  The production of rice wine on the temperature and humidity are required, the evening generally only part of the production process, such as filling something, only by night certainly not.  NBD: Does the production of yellow rice wine consume much? Yan (laughs): Overtime at night do not turn on the lights, to pay overtime? Now we are busy production, it is impossible to save electricity at night production.  The power consumption depends on how much you produce, and the sales of each business are different. Investigation conclusion insufficient equipment rust large production fear of the landscape of mountains and rivers, a metal wrapped by the enterprise, in the end what "dirty" place? A company that provides "rice bowls" to local migrant workers is at the same time being pointed at by them as "flashy".  If the daily economic news does not go to the field survey, who would have expected, a High-tech brewery will be the scene. The rust-stained high-tech companies, in the prospectus, say they have a number of leading biotechnology products in the rice wine industry, which is dubbed "biotechnology". But the reporter in the workshop not only did not see the Advanced technology Research and Development department, also did not see the company staff wearing masks production, but saw is a part of rust-stained equipment, is such a business even High-tech?  In large yellow rice wine enterprises have replaced the stainless steel equipment, the company has used Gu Yue long longshan old equipment, such enterprises are competitive?  Where do high-end wines come from? In the prospectus, the scenic mountains and rivers engaged in the production of rice wine originated in 2003, but still 7 years. But the company actually produced including the 20 aging "classic", a variety of 8 years, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20Years of old wine, the company in the end is where the aging wine as a base liquor?  According to the company insiders Panghu revealed that the ancient more towers of the old wine from Gu Yue long Longshan, but the company in the prospectus to avoid the relationship with Gu Yue long longshan, this is why? How to create high productivity in the prospectus, the company production staff of 35 people, capacity can reach 16,000 tons, that is, per capita capacity of up to 457.1 tons/year. But the reality is that factories are enormous scarce, equipment is not working and some rust stains.  How to create this environment is higher than Gu Yue long longshan per capita capacity of 99.9 tons/year, Jinfeng wine industry per capita capacity of 238.6 tons/year of "miracle"? Production date and health environment "missing" known, food enterprises most important is the production environment. In the reporter's unannounced visits, scenic mountains and rivers in the production workshop after washing glutinous rice at random stacked in the roadside, all aspects of production personnel are not wearing masks; in the place of finished wine bottles, whether it is wine bottle or wine cover, the reporter did not find the production date.  According to the company, only to the packaging when the production date will be made, so the determination of the production date is meaningful? Production and marketing in the busy season factory in the prospectus, the company said that because of traditional consumption habits, rice wine for warm drinking, more suitable for the cold season, so the company in the first quarter and the fourth quarter of sales revenue and operating profit accounted for a large, especially the last quarter accounted for the most significant.  2009 data showed that the first quarter of business receipts accounted for 24.58%, four quarter operating income accounted for 32.84%. However, the reporter in the field unannounced investigation, found that the current landscape of mountains and rivers desolate, although the company said the implementation of "shifts", but its purpose is not to work overtime production, but to save electricity! The production staff of each link is also very small, the packing workshop is completely not busy signs, some equipment does not operate.  In the reporter squat guard of nearly 10 hours, have not seen the vehicle of towing goods, is this the scene that should appear in the production and marketing peak season? Click to enter [Scenic mountains and rivers] discussion

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