The necessity and general method of SEO outside chain construction

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When we do SEO, we all know that when the site was established, it is necessary to carry out daily updates, daily quantitative or not, constantly updated or not, the content of pure original or false, or, anyway, is the site as a child, want to care for every moment, Every day you have to toss and turn to see what needs to change, point to write something in the inside, this is very good, because the proof of your intentions in doing, especially the kind of writing original, as long as adhere to, around the center of key words to expand and write some relatively good original content in the inside, or have a chance to succeed; But this is still far from enough, only pay attention to the internal construction, do not know propaganda is difficult to get good rankings, especially if we do the new station, only write not outside the chain, included in a period are a problem.

Content for the king, the chain for the emperor, this sentence is not only to say that simple, really want to do it need our intentions, then the site early we should how to build our outer chain?

1) The promotion of the outside Chain Construction forum

Commonplace, the promotion of the Forum, in the SEO outside the chain construction is the most simple is also more effective method, but we send a link in the forum must pay attention to the method, the forum signature can try, whether it is the anchor text or the Ming chain, can write up, the maximum increase exposure rate, But the best is in the forum inside Post, send a quality post, can be in the post inside a soft link or anchor text in, but to pay attention to the quality of the article, must not let the moderator found that you have the suspicion of advertising, or maybe your hard work will be wasted, after the hair to remember their own for the top, or let other people help you top, of course if you write good words natural members a lot of people go to the top, perhaps also will be moderator plus sperm, in short, try to make more people to visit and reply, and then let more people to reprint, so that your link to turn away, oh, your goal has been achieved.

2 links to the construction of the chain

This everyone knows, friendship links, the most direct and most effective way, through your relationships in the network or a little bit of terminology network public, your link and anchor text Exchange to other and your site has the same or similar content of the site, but we need to note that the other side of the site quality and weight, Of course, is not to say that the other side of the weight without your high you can not exchange, generally if the other side of the site snapshot update faster, or it is linked to the site of the high weight of the words that can be linked, of course, if there is a high weight of the site to link to the high weight of the site that is better, exchange links is a step-by-step process, Can not be ambitious, all of a sudden add too much, and we usually have to check regularly to see if there is a dead chain.

3 the promotion of the soft text of the construction of outside chain

Soft paper occupies an irreplaceable role in the process of SEO optimization, so we do SEO when we must exercise to write the level of soft, not necessarily lengthy, not necessarily to the tone of experts all day to write academic articles, as long as we stand in the real audience's point of view, with a little thought, We want to convey or link something very clever to add in, and then let more people to reprint, to spread, that is a successful soft wen, you can say, a successful soft text can be thousands of enemies, than we go to send more than n forum links.

4 The corners of the high weight website of the outside chain construction

We are doing an industry, always pay attention to some things in the industry, from the Internet search some of the industry's more well-known web browsing, then we can also build our own outside the chain, such as high weight blog, the general blog has article comment function, We can in the comments when cleverly put our links into, there are some high weight news portal, we can also in the inside of our Links added (this article from Zhengzhou seo: Ghost seo Reprint please indicate the source

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