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Author: cheak "Non-mainstream" is always hanging above the brain, this word in our life often with a bit derogatory taste, online games in the market game manufacturers blindly with the wave, homogenization of serious, playing a sexual violence edge ads, with beautiful women to stimulate your adrenal today, those who dare to first, the courage to try the unique marketing method,  Always so conspicuous, then "Non-mainstream". One, Warcraft and Coca-Cola although "World of Warcraft" no longer belongs to nine cities, but 05 years of cooperation between Warcraft and Coca-Cola has been a classic of the different industry cooperation legend, opened the "Drink + online" This one cross-industry cooperative marketing model, and then openly boarded the CCTV ads, the embodiment of the image of justice, Although a large group of people after The imitation, the following, but in terms of influence and effect are far less than the year of "World of Warcraft" and Coca-Cola cooperation.  Mengniu recently also joined hands with the "happy" to carry out different industry cooperation, but I am not optimistic about the temptation for the young carbonated drinks than the temptation of milk, at least the author on the road or Internet cafes rarely see boys drinking milk, smoking cigarettes in that play game. Of course the "Non-mainstream" marketing is only to attract the attention of the players, and the real key depends on the quality of the game itself and the game hanging on the blow, the original grand under the "Eternal Tower" use of Shanghai's most iconic architectural Jinmao tower to promote their new game, I think this grand "Eternal Tower"  The social significance of marketing is to let the network game away from vulgar, low-end marketing strategy, so that consumers reduce the bias on the domestic game, so that Chinese online games more Chinese wind, but also let the word game in China more healthy, stylish and modern style. Every year when the Spring Festival, those anxious migrant workers will find a vote difficult to seek the phenomenon, this triggered the "Spring Festival Fever" topic note social concern, but this year, there are online games enterprises to marketing eyes from girls to the people's livelihood, which is undoubtedly an improvement of China's online gaming enterprises, but also a sign of the development of online marketing industry.  Online games are a kind of entertainment products and trend culture, do not have to adhere to the form, floating in the surface phenomenon, the marketing of online games market in the attention of people's livelihood above the mind, this will close the direct distance with the player, but also conducive to improving and upgrading the image of enterprises in people's hearts, to improve the overall image of the online game industry also played Two or nine city is speculation or malicious competition this nine city hoarding 200 million Q coins blatantly dug Tencent's corner, this kind of drastic, cornered malicious "non-mainstream" marketing, we are not advocating.  But the nine cities such KFC eat hamburgers, if the food is not satisfied with the practice of sending McDonald's vouchers, although the biggest beneficiary eventually Tencent, but it let Tencent really can't stand the arrogance of nine cities, ordered the Tencent game Channel blocked nine city ads. But the nine city to Q currency of the "Non-mainstream" marketing method also to the industry for its new product publicity opened a window, the recent market Q currency abnormal price, from Taobao, 6870 nets and other shopping malls are can be seen, as of the author when the time, andHas Blue Harbor and so on the net swims the enterprise to replicate this model to promote the child and the new product, also has the game to send one year QQ member.  In the face of more games to choose Q Coins as a promotional means, and Tencent to form a positive conflict, the ultimate beneficiary will be Tencent, I think at the moment of the Ma Teng must be in the cover of the mouth hiding in the bag secretly in the count of money. Whether the nine cities are malicious competition or joint speculation, the market can exist competition, but absolutely do not allow the existence of malicious competition, many large enterprises are accustomed to suppress, crowding out small enterprises to achieve the purpose of monopoly industry, some time ago to see a well-known online network to the emerging Web site 6870, the cause is because the site launched a call "God of Wealth" of the five-level partitioning system.  But I think a well-known website as the leader in the industry will not be so magnanimous. The online games industry urgently needs these "non-mainstream" type innovation existence. But do not encourage malicious and lack of moral bottom line of competition, the annual online games Industry "Awards Award" will be selected for some excellent enterprises, is to encourage more online gaming enterprises to adhere to their own personality, to make a personalized game, so the online games industry to make their own "non-mainstream" under and there is not.
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