The price of pork drops the sale of edible oil

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A number of edible oil brand price promotion Chongqing Evening News reporter Bikkin, Chongqing Evening News reporter yesterday from the city Agricultural Information Center learned that, by the domestic pork prices continue to fall, last week, the main pork varieties in our city continue to maintain a steady drop, including lean pigs, piglets, pork row prices have been 8 consecutive weeks of decline.  In addition, the main city more than a supermarket to promote the cooking oil, some brands to reduce the range of more than 10 yuan per barrel. The increase in the number of pork sold yesterday from the City Agricultural Information Center statistics show that last week, our city of lean pigs, piglets, pork row prices are 18.17 yuan/kg, 28.57 yuan/kg, 31.41 yuan/kg, the chain fell 2.65%, 2.99%, 2.55% respectively.  Last month, the city's white white pig average price of 23.66 yuan/kg, with September than the chain down 2.08%, lean pigs, piglets, pork steak and other pork prices continue to lower. "The rise in pig slaughter is the main reason for the fall in pork prices," he said.  "The City Agricultural Information Center related experts analysis, in addition to the field of pig to Chongqing increase is also the reason for the decline of pork prices in our city." Meat price Recent rally probability small Chongqing Evening News reporter found yesterday, the situation of farmers pressure bar in our city has appeared. "The winter solstice is coming soon, people who do the bacon will soon get more, and pork prices are likely to rebound."  "Fuling farmers Li Hailin told the Chongqing Evening News reporter. It is understood that at present, the supply of pork in our city is sufficient.  Chongqing Livestock and Animal Products Exchange Market Minister Yong said, as imports of pork increased, many coastal cities, pork prices far lower than the city, in the future, the price of meat in our city is not likely to rise sharply. The promotion of edible oil in recent years, I city supermarket cooking oil promotion is a little big. The day before yesterday, the 4-liter gold dragon fish oil promotion price only sold 49, now only 48.9 yuan. "Yuan Jia Gang Carrefour Supermarket, a gold salesman told the Chongqing Evening News reporter, recently jinlong fish, Red Dragonfly, Fu, Doli and other brands of edible oil continue to promote prices." Jiao in the mouth of the supermarket (601933), 5 liters of flowers and nuts to blend the oil in the first few days from 69.9 yuan to 59.9 yuan, 4 liters of flower crush oil from more than 70 yuan to 59.9 yuan, the price range is more than 10 yuan.  In addition, there are brands "to give the generation to drop", the value of gifts in more than 15 yuan. "This is not a unified price reduction, more of a promotional activity."  "New Century (002280)" The supermarket propaganda director Zhang Fan said, has not received the factory unification to cut down the price the notice. Data from the city's agricultural information Center show that since November, the bulk of salad oil and bulk vegetable oil in our city has continued to decline slightly. Experts say the price of international soybean futures is lower or the price of edible oil falls.
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