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Will write articles will not necessarily SEO, will boast is not necessarily SEO, the real SEO is through the use of Easy search engine indexing reasonable means, so that the site to users and search engines more friendly, and thus more easily indexed by the search engines and prioritization. Search Engine optimization is a kind of search engine marketing guiding ideology, not only to Google,baidu,yahoo rankings. Search engine optimization work throughout the site planning, construction, maintenance of the entire process of every detail, it is worth the site design, development and promotion of each of the participants understand their responsibilities for the meaning of SEO effect.

SEO is just a concept. For many people, he is a term. This primer. Many people can find a lot of information on the Internet. No matter for any kind of search engine. There are many ways to look at the people, the more you see the better, all like to see a film. The person who looks is very good. In fact, you see more than you will find, These soft writing seems to be all about the same thing. The writing is very rich. But it is not necessarily practical. Because. You've seen so much, you've used the method. Why not?

First of all, I would summarize, to SEO fascinated friends, but did not succeed.

1. A good Fangzhang is not necessarily a good method. Because. Maybe the article on the Web page do not understand, but the article is well written, the boss told him to write in the website of the people. If you look, it will be very bad.

2. Do SEO getting started low. In all respects, many entry-level industries will be flooded. It's like web site building. He can say that he is a network master, he put someone else's source code download down, change a logo, change a name, are beginning to become webmaster. In fact, this part of the people, Make the site more fulfilling. But it also messed up the web. You can easily find that you have seen so many websites, it seems to be one.

3.seo is overflowing. Now, actually, yelling on the Internet, for example Tong, this person is only a cheat master, he now copy himself, just collect money. To be honest, he should be called a liar. Really do seo this line, they are not in the site shouting big singing. As long as you have a brain, you'll think about it. , since SEO this line so easy to earn money, you just listen to a class can start to take the list to do. The tong is not in the way of their own jobs. He had better take the list and do it all, it is not he developed. The actual situation is that Tong is cheating everyone's money. He knew he could not earn the money himself, It is better to find a few will write Soft wen, are also soft ox x people. Write some soft text. Call them on the website, send information on the major websites, so copy yourself. Don't believe you can search the search engine. Tong Liar "You'll find that he's a liar all over the place."

4.seo total boils down to say. This entry requirements are high, to be web site planning, art production, programming, server configuration. Domain name, and so on, a variety of technologies together. and SEO practitioners to do their own SEO to use at least a year, in a large portal to create. Be able to have practical experience, And it has the benefit. In this way, it can be said that you are in the SEO line to get started.

Believe in yourself, don't listen to others blowing. Be honest in your work. Manage your website well. Success is only one small step.

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