The relationship between keyword selection and site ranking in the chain

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Recently observed a station, in order to avoid ad suspected so do not send an address, incredibly there are 131 outside the chain, this station PR is 5, and check them all link PR basically no more than 5, basically 4 or 3, according to the general SEO theory, Friendship link Ningquewulan, PR at least not lower than their own, Find some high-quality links on the good, PR than their own low at all do not consider. When we checked the keywords of the website carefully, their home page layout of 10 keywords, according to the traditional SEO theory, the homepage of the keyword should not be too much, at that time the site so the key words in Baidu rankings are very close to the front, this let us moved very confused, and the Web page description of the site did not write,  Why are 10 key words so close to the front? Check out the chain, we found that they put 131 links outside the chain of text links into the first page of the 10 keywords, but also very accurate text links. This is probably why the station's 10 keywords are very much in front of the reason bar!

Enlighten US:

1): Friendship links and buy outside the chain, if you want to optimize some keywords, try to use the keyword to do text links.

2): Now search engines also for the sale of the chain to do some punitive measures, you can use different text links to avoid this punishment.

3: PR is a Google Web page quality critical standards, this standard is not suitable for Baidu, the station in Baidu's ranking is very close to the front, in the GG performance is very general. Perhaps because there are too many than their own PR low station do link it.

4: Google's PR theory is very important is the link theory, this station is actually cheating on the outside chain, Googe ranked very poor, and Baidu is very good, I think and Google in the quality of the chain when criticizing the time there are their own way.

In the later construction of the chain can be appropriately used in such a way to improve the site keyword ranking.

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