The value of domain name doubles: "Give power" fast expiration

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The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys the Cloud host technology Hall

5-digit domain price is moderate and can be amoy to treasure but to see the specific meaning and business needs

Recently, Suning, Amoy Shoes network announced the purchase of repurchase. com suffix of the double spell domain name, highlighting the huge market value of the domain name. And around the "Let Bullets Fly" and other hot film related domain name is also quickly registered. As a means of business, investors register their domain names or domain names at low prices, and then transfer profits at high prices.

Industry analysis, similar to the name of such a short term hot spots, with the heat down, the public view of the transfer, the value of the domain name will be gradually reduced.


Domain name investment is not like investment in real estate and gold, one-time input can get kind, the annual domain name also need to renew and pay maintenance fees. The industry suggested that investors should have a certain economic base, "Domain name investment is difficult to gain short-term profits, long-term possession, timely selling to make money, suitable as a sideline operation."

2~3 bit domain name no more hype

According to an internal industry investor, the current domestic 2~4 bit of the. com and. cn domain name is the mainstream investment direction, 2~3 bit domain name no longer to hype, very popular with investors.

However, the new investors will generally focus on more than 5 domain names, the price is moderate and may be dug to a good domain name, but to see the specific meaning of the domain name and business needs.

The reporter tried to register the domain name in a domain Name service provider, interestingly, the reporter randomly entered several friend's name to be registered, but the celebrity Chinese domain name almost was carved up one empty. "Wangliang" point to a Zhejiang motorcycle parts business. Many home pages are marked with a price for sale, such as price of 1230 dollars.

Industry insiders said that as a non-renewable resource, once the domain name is occupied, others can only wait until after the expiration of the domain name.

But December 14, 2009 China Internet Network Information Center stipulates user registration. cn domain name must be submitted in writing, before users can apply online, prohibit individual registration. cn Domain name.

Clearly set the threshold, the. cn domain name registered significantly decreased, and this is in sharp contrast to the domestic. COM and other international domain name registration volume and maintain a new high, many investors preferred. com domain name.

Enterprise Domain Name: Business opportunity Value big risk is also very high

Enterprises in order to protect the company's image and brand, save marketing costs, network domain name is also included in the strategic height of the enterprise. Recently, Suning Appliance commissioned the Chinese intermediary to buy Hanyu Pinyin domain name, the original holder for a computer company. After the Amoy shoe network lasted 2 years to buy back, true and false happy domain name dispute, Google million dollar redemption. cn domain name, all let investors see the business opportunities.

However, many enterprises in the early days of domain names have been individuals, enterprises or long-term hold, the new entry threshold is relatively high, the risk of personal investment is higher. Cai, 4399 chairman, said in the microblog that it began registering domain names as early as 2000, and now holds some short domain names, such as,, and so on, "such a domain name is only 17,576 in the world."

Domestic enterprise reserved Domain name

Cai says is worth millions of dollars because India's largest oil company, steel company and communications company are called Bharat.

Investment personage analysis says, enterprise individual previously registered high quality domain name current value doubles, but individual maliciously registers domain name to undertake legal risk.

Before the domestic Chinese domain name arbitration case, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and most of the enterprises eventually win, retrieve the name of the registered domain. It is reported that domestic enterprises also began to reserve domain names to avoid being maliciously registered.

Lai, associate researcher at the University of South-South technology, said that with the increase in the use of search engines, many browsers also provide convenient navigation and built-in search engines, users do not need to remember the domain name, manufacturers can also use the search rankings and other internet marketing tools. Now the value of investment domain is slightly reduced, it is suggested that investors should be cautious about the investment opportunities of enterprise domain name.

Domain name, is the name of a computer or group of computers on the Internet that is made up of a string of dots, used to mark the electronic location of the computer when data is transmitted (sometimes referred to as geographical location), and the current domain name has become one of the necessary products for the Internet's brand and online trademark protection.

"Power" is about to expire.

The rush is early.

The investment domain name may own to register the new domain name or buys the domain name which has already registered. Now many domain Name Service providers provide agent services, the choice of registrars compared with the technology and customer service, to confirm the reliability of service providers.

Register a new domain name to follow the "trend", pay more attention to news hot trends, mining the business value of hot words. Try to do "short, quasi, fine", the number of words less accurate image of the appropriate, including abbreviations, pinyin, English and other forms. Some domain names expire or are deleted and can be registered again.

Some investors like to collect the new word domain names that are constantly popping up on the internet, some of which may have investment value, such as "power". Reporter inquires The domain name was founded in July 2002, expires in July 2011. When you find a good domain name that has not yet been registered, you should register as early as possible and be robbed of it.

Risk Tip:

buy domain mo Cheap

It takes a lot of energy to rush the domain name, and investors who have certain economic conditions can buy the existing domain name directly. You can purchase the domain name by auction on the trading website, measure the value of the domain name and consult the multi-party information, don't cheap to purchase the domain name without value. The Forum will also burst the price of relatively inexpensive short domain name.

Holding the domain name in hand, how to sell is the most important question. Investors can be in some domain name trading site and intermediary auction, waiting for buyers to come to the door, and then through the Commission intermediary transactions, pay a certain fee, relatively safe and convenient. If it is a high-quality domain name, you can actively contact the relevant buyers, pricing reference to other domain names in the industry price.

Cai win further analysis, said that investment domain name to have vision and strategy, and investment domain name pay and risk greater, need a lot of value analysis, registration skills, day and night to guard the computer plus luck, can get good domain name, finally sell transfer also must patiently wait plus good negotiation method.

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