The website revision is equal to the surgical action knife before please think twice

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The Mayan civilization predicts that the earth will be completely changed in the year 2012, entering a new era. I have never considered whether this prophecy will come true, because no amount of thinking is futile and we cannot change it. But 2012 is definitely a turbulent year for the SEO community, which is believed by most people. Baidu, which occupies more than 80% of China's market share, has carried out two large-scale "rectification movements" in June and August, bringing unprecedented turbulence to the SEO community. Small series not to comment on Baidu this 2 times "rectification movement" the whole is good, just want to use a short sentence to describe the phenomenon I see: Come up to the station and down the station almost ...

The topic pulls far, hurriedly enters the matter. 62,800-degree update, many friends around the site has been a major revision. For the site revision, I believe that every seoer have their own unique views, today I would like to talk about their own site revision of some personal immature views, for reference only.

In general, before doing things we have to consider why to do this thing, the website revision is no exception. Every care about the source of SEO traffic webmaster, I believe that will be in the revision before thinking, the revision will not make a big impact on the site? I think this is similar to the patient's operation. Any operation is risky, just a matter of risk factor. Web site revision is also the case, the website has success and failure. But there is a difference between the two, the doctor can immediately say to relatives, "surgery is very successful", but the impact of the site revision, it will take some time to wait.

Why should the website be revised? Personally, there are only two reasons:

1, improve the user experience;

2, improve the spider experience;

Improve the user experience, is to stand on the user's point of view to consider the problem, such as the Web site interface beautification, the content of the site is full level, the site has no extra channels, whether the need to add new channels new content. Users need to find what content on your site, can be found the first time, this is a good user experience.

For example, the navigation bar is a central part of the site. A good navigation bar, to bring the user not only the enjoyment of the visual, but also the use of the fun! Let's take a look at a comparison of a set of navigation bars

Original navigation bar:


New Navigation bar:


The original navigation bar a lot of content, the focus is not prominent, primary and secondary is not clear. and the new navigation bar, to a large extent, to make up for the original navigation bar in the visual defects, to achieve primary and secondary, but also to increase the site search box, so that users can easily find their content.

Improve the spider experience, is to provide spiders a crawling channel, this channel must not be a maze to make spiders get lost, flat-type web site structure is the spider's Favorite. Website revision is not a simple interface beautification and site structure optimization, after the revision there are a lot of things to consider. In the case of CMS, if the revision before and after the same kind of CMS, this relatively simple. But if it is cross-platform, there are many issues to consider, including:

1, can ensure that the revised URL before and after the same path, this is the most important point. Once the program is not guaranteed to be consistent with the original URL, consider other ways, such as the old URL301 redirect to the new URL.

2, does not need the content processing. Website revision, sometimes need to delete some clutter of the channel or content. If so, the content must be done to return a 404 status code. Conditional words best make dead chain file, submitted to Baidu Webmaster platform.

3, the title and description of the settings. The title is the core of the site, so it is not recommended to make large changes to the title. A big change in the title, may be Baidu as the nature of the site changes, and finally be regarded as a new station to deal with, ranking weight loss (of course, the right to heavy old site risk or relatively small).

Post-Revision maintenance:

After the revision, should adhere to update original content to enrich the site, to maintain the basic nutrition spider. At the same time, outside the chain can not relax. This stage is the most important. We need outside the chain to get more external spider entrance, let the search engine quickly know the new version, familiar with the version of the website structure system.

Website revision is a serious matter. We need to look at "surgical" standards. Like surgery, before doing check whether to meet the basic conditions of "surgery" to assess the success rate of "surgery" and the impact. Only by considering these, we will not be unprepared for the possible consequences of subsequent events. Website revision is equal to surgery, please think twice before moving the knife.

The above remarks only represent opinion. Slimming Drugs List Original first, reproduced please retain the author source, thank you!

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