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Xinhua Nanjing, September 22 (Xu Xian) September 21 is the world's Alzheimer's Day, Alzheimer's disease, medically known as Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease is a primary degenerative degeneration of the brain, and early onset symptoms are invisible. Shei Chunming, a professor of neurology at the University of Southeast affiliated Central Hospital, pointed out that some of the patients ' early abnormalities were easily overlooked by their families and could not be treated in time. There are data shows that in China, the rate of treatment of senile dementia is only 10%, worse, most of the patients come to the middle and late, life can not take care of themselves, there are serious mental disorders.

Four years ago, my family found out it was dementia.

Uncle Zhao (the surname) this year 69 years old, began to become easy to forget four years ago: go out to forget to lock the door, and friends Party forget time, friend for a while did not call name ... The family thought that the Don was old enough to make a fool of himself, the memory is not as normal as before. Slowly, Zhao Ye's memory is more and more bad, do Rice added several times water or thought that did not add, forget to turn off the light is often. In addition to bad memory, Zhao Ye's mental state also out of the question. He always said his favorite grandson upstairs, Non-stop to knock upstairs neighbors door, still feel someone behind him, always shouting to run quickly. Family This just feel bad, to the central hospital, a diagnosis found that Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's is not "old fool"

Shei Chunming said that Alzheimer's disease is a fatal neurological neurodegenerative disorder, early onset symptoms are not easy to detect, and the course is slow and irreversible, the onset of brain cells continue to be damaged until death. The first phase of the patient near forgotten; two-stage patients with the degree of forgetfulness and channels, may not recognize the family do not know the family, three patients with memory loss of serious, life can not take care of themselves, completely dependent on other people to look after, there will be serious mental disorders, to bring the pain and burden of the family can not be estimated. Shei Chunming said: "Zhao Ye's illness has developed to the third phase, there are serious mental disorders, will be delusional in the field of the grandson of the university in the upstairs, the illusion always feel someone chasing him." ”

Patients and their families with low cognitive rate of dementia, it is easy to mistake it as normal brain aging, that is, people often say "old confused", which directly led to a low rate of patient visits. Shei Chunming pointed out that Alzheimer's disease is not normal aging, more than the normal atrophy of aging, mainly in the temporal lobe, sulcus gyrus, cortex. "Old confused" people's brain normal aging is mainly concentrated in the cerebral cortex, although life will also forget the recent events, but will not occur frequently, it is possible to recall that memory can also be improved through intervention.

Reminder: Pay attention to the old words and deeds, early detection and treatment

Professor Shei Chunming says there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, and that existing drugs cannot stop the progression of the disease. Early diagnosis and early intervention are therefore essential. The team of experts specifically reminded the forgotten type of mild cognitive impairment (time, where and what happened to remember and reproduce the disorder), family history, cerebrovascular disease, the population is the high-risk group of Alzheimer's, family and friends should pay attention to the elderly around, beware of the early symptoms they may have shown: close to forgetting, do not do daily housework , verbal ambiguity, decreased understanding, emotional instability, etc.

Experts warned that in order to prevent Alzheimer's disease, the elderly in daily life to eat less high sugar, high fat and salt food, walking every day to exercise, and then participate in some educational activities, such as chess, calculation and so on.

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