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Every time I do a new website, I am accustomed to the main key words Baidu ranking double. 76 pages, 760 stations. Then look at the position of the long tail word. Then decide the site's subdivision positioning, the site's expected goals.

Observation。 Is the so-called enemy, win. To do the station is to fight! And to a large extent, the war on search engines. It's not that it's useful to visitors. Because of a lucrative market, there will never be a single supplier. To occupy the market, rely on the first advantage, more than others to do better, more practical.

Search the word "stock", in the top ten, there is the space of personal stationmaster. At present, the main competitors have three categories: Sina, Sohu, the portal category of financial channels, and news, Oriental Finance, securities star and other financial portals; the rest is the personal website.

The first two types of sites, in the original content, market data resources are not individual stations comparable. If you rank from the point of view of the customer experience, the personal station is not at a competitive level with the professional portal station. So my first plan is to be in the forefront of a human stock site.

Personal stock site, but also divided into information classes and stock Web site Encyclopedia category. can go to the top 20. Individual station content, stock quotes data, all are collection and call the portal (except the forum). Therefore, the more important work is the content of the processing, column planning, and outside the chain construction.

Reference。 This ancient pages of the first 760 search results, are home and column page, almost no single page figure (except Baidu Encyclopedia). And the title of the basic stocks are the key words, is obviously done SEO. The competition is very fierce. But by comparing the first 20 stations, and the back 20, there will be many discoveries.

The first is the column planning, the front of the stock station does not follow the portal station's complete tree structure to set, such as an expert's stock, share account this specific link, directly promoted to and the stock market column of the same level. or according to the new hotspot to the column, those basic not to flow content, is compressed to the corner.

Second, the content update frequency, the back of the station to lag a lot, do not update daily. The less update, ranking the more do not go, the more do not go, the less the mood to care. Station is basically abolished.

The last is the outer chain. Yahoo search can be looked at, the front of the station outside the chain is mostly rich and high quality. This requires the accumulation of time, the gradual metabolism of the results.

Cooperation。 A circle of friends, can reflect his status. Website is the same, from links can be seen a site quality. For a new station, it's hard to switch to a high quality connection. Can start from the same level of the new station Exchange, 2 months or so, their own PR, ranking up a collation. Search for higher quality links. Can not progress together, can only stay behind the team. Of course, to link the best notice or page, now the search link tool is very powerful, the other should soon see.

If you have the knowledge of the financial webmaster, can also help take the new station. You said, there is hope, do not say, no one will take the initiative to do to you. Like this ancient stock market network (, in Pr1, Baidu included 100+, it changed to a few PR4, PR6 links. This ancient I have added more than 100 financial webmaster QQ, still continue to collect.

Tips: External links to increase the gradual, not the same time to increase too much, friendship links and blogs, forums outside the chain to occupy a certain proportion.

Beyond。 Focus on the analysis of several cattle stations, for their advantages to improve their website. In every way, it's a little bit better than your opponents, and I'm sure we'll step forward. Welcome to the financial webmaster to cooperate and win together, development, you can add our webmaster group.

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