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South All Comics: Chen Ting in the constant push of the expansion of enthusiasm, thousands of stores to the end of 2011 network size has reached 40, the invisible department store giant is still on the brink of loss has not realized profits.  While constantly "blood transfusion", the other side but constantly "blood loss."  Whether from July 1 onwards renamed as "Wanda Department store", or the recent parent group from Huadian International Huaxin International Trust for its guarantee to 500 million yuan loans, thousands of recent series of actions are all the industry to understand the group's general merchandise industry development of many "ambitions." However, after constantly being pushed up by the expansion of enthusiasm behind, thousands of department stores but appear powerless. Although the network has reached 40 by the end of 2011, according to the data disclosed by Wanda, the invisible department store giant is still struggling to make a profit at the margin of loss.  And in addition to individual outlets, most of the department store performance tepid, in the market non-mainstream position. While constantly "blood transfusion", the other side but constantly "blood loss." "Thousands of department stores are difficult to understand, compared to other department stores, it is not followed by the traditional mode of retail business, but a different set of rules of the game."  "said Huang Wenjie, chairman of Chuleu Commerce Co. 1.4 billion yuan blood transfusion thousands of department stores according to the information from the Huaxin International Trust, said that around April this year, Wanda Group began to contact Huaxin International Trust, for loans to communicate. After about half a month, the two sides hammered out the loan, the amount is set at 500 million.  At present, Huaxin International Trust loans out of the 300 million yuan will be fully lent in the near future, and will be publicly issued at the end of May related trust products. This is not the first time that Wanda has lent to its department stores this year.  In February this year, the Gold Valley International Trust lent a 12-month 900 million fund to Wanda Group for the capital needs of its thousands of new department stores in 2012, and issued related trust products. According to thousands of general manager Ding, the company plans to open 18 new stores this year.  It is reported that 2011 thousands of new stores opened 14 stores, the total number of stores totaled 40, operating area of 1.209 million square meters, income of 6.9 billion yuan. At the same time as "blood transfusion", thousands of department stores in the recent announced another major adjustment, starting from July 1, thousands of department stores will be officially renamed as "Wanda Department store", and before June 30 to complete all matters relating to renaming, including the department store headquarters and the name of the company, business registration changed to "Wanda", Department stores all Chinese characters are renamed as Wanda Department store. In this regard, Wang said, this is the department store line for brand considerations.  and thousands of top department stores said, renamed to the group of Unified brand management, department stores borrow force Wanda brand advantages, customer reduction of cognitive difficulties have a positive role. Thousands of department stores and Wanda Square parasitic mode Indeed, compared to Wanda Plaza, thousands of department stores in the consumer's familiarity is rather inferior. Similarly, with the rapid expansion of Wanda Plaza, the management of thousands of department stores are not very well. It is reported that despite the 2011 million department stores revenue reached 6.9 billion yuan, the completion of the plan of 110%, the loss degree is relatively narrow, but the business sector still does not achieve profitability, overall losses. In fact, from the perspective of development strategy, Wanda's thoughts on department stores are not enough. "China general manager Shanshan said, although thousands of department stores rely on the development of shopping malls, but Wanda Plaza in the quasi-core business circle or secondary business circle, and in such a business district, not all the thousands of department stores can occupy the core position, which means that the cultivation of department stores more time than the supermarket.  In this respect, whether the brand mix or the promotion should be spent on how to pull the passenger flow. But at present Wanda's most popular restaurants, cinemas are concentrated in the outdoor pedestrian street or the third floor, the first floor playground, Wal-Mart and the independent entrance, such a moving line design can only be gathered in the outdoor, third floor and the first floor of some areas, and thousands of department stores in the first floor not only have independent entrance, and many entrances and exits with the outdoor pedestrian street connectivity,  This makes the thousands of stores that already share the flow of people more difficult to keep in popular. "This design is related to Wanda's intention to invest in thousands of department stores." Huang Wenjie said, thousands of department stores are as Wanda Plaza's main store, and its purpose is to increase the rental rate, accelerate the opening of a chip. If the main store to choose a third party, shop design and opening to the city will cause a lot of uncertainty. At the same time, its planning and design also with the outdoor pedestrian street shop sales. The reporter learned that Wanda Plaza can sell about 1/3 of the total property area, the current income is the promotion of Wanda Plaza, one of the capital channels for rapid expansion. Compared to commercial operations, thousands of department stores are more focused on Wanda Plaza commercial matching. In addition, tens of thousands of department stores each year billions of of income also provides a considerable amount of cash flow. "It may be a loss to calculate the accounts of thousands of stores alone, but if it is to be estimated comprehensively with Wanda Plaza, thousands of department stores should be profitable." "Thousands of department stores and Wanda Square is" parasitic mode ", and general department stores business survival rules are different. "This is the advantage of Wanda, but it is difficult to correct the disadvantages of thousands of department stores, because when the commercial requirements of thousands of department stores and Wanda Plaza commercial real Estate requirements conflict, the sacrifice must be thousands of department stores." "The result is that thousands of department stores are not strong," says a retail analyst. ”
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