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China's virtual host market experienced a long time of chaos, and finally stabilized, in the stable China's virtual host market, the foreign United States hosts occupy a large share of the market, why the United States hosting the host market in China is not long but the majority of users can be recognized? Here is a summary of several reasons:

Less virtual host restrictions

Domestic virtual Host service providers, the host space generally have strict capacity and traffic restrictions, not to mention the domestic virtual host in the flow of this piece with M to calculate, according to your space capacity to limit the size of a site to meet the traffic, some unscrupulous virtual host provider Limited traffic is not normal use, Need you to purchase traffic, the user is not satisfied, where will have the possibility of use? The United States virtual host is different, now many U.S. host space is unlimited, such as ixwebhosting, Webhostingpad, lunarpages These United States hosts, are very large space, flow , compared to the domestic hundreds of trillion space, very competitive.

Construction station freedom is not complicated

Ministry of Management to strengthen the record of the site, so that the establishment of the station is not in freedom, many webmaster in the record of the abyss of misery wandering, running non-stop, more than the webmaster is not just a station, a number of site records will bring more trouble to the webmaster, so not only waste time and energy. At this point, most people have a sense of tiredness in the domestic mainframe. Just the advent of the United States virtual host, a large number of solutions to the problem of Chinese webmaster, without violating the laws and regulations of the situation can be free to build a station, and the record of this on the one hand, the United States virtual host do not have to consider, open immediately build station use, absolutely convenient, more

Price/Performance Advantage Highlights

Since entering the Chinese market, the U.S. virtual host price is its biggest advantage, Like Webhostingpad host to the minimum of 1.99 U.S. dollars per month, the use of discount code GREATCHINA15 can also be the basis for a further 15 U.S. dollar concessions, the renminbi is very small, there are April-selling GoDaddy host, 100G host program official discount 50% Based on the use of preferential links www.gd30off.com purchase host can also get 30%, a year only need 25 U.S. dollars, the equivalent of RMB 100, 100 more money to buy 100G space This is unimaginable in the country, the United States Virtual Host Chamber of the introduction of a large number of promotional activities, To a large extent, the user realized the benefits.

U.S. virtual host in the Chinese market can be so concerned about, and their product performance and substantial preferential promotional measures are inseparable, and China's virtual host if you want to expand their influence, it needs to optimize their own products and improve the cost of the host, only so, Can firmly occupy China's virtual market.

In general, the United States virtual host has become the mainstream of China's host market, fortunately, the United States virtual host and is a single big situation, a large number of U.S. virtual host to dominate the domestic market situation has been formed, and these United States virtual host market competition, but also to our consumers to bring more benefits, The market contention between multiple virtual hosts will eventually bring us a low-cost, high quality utility host.

Article Source: United States host Detective (www.idcspy.org)

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