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In general, many of China's corporate web site construction in the selection of domain names, Most will choose. com's domain name, as if not. com's is derailed with the world, keep up with the trend, in fact, this is a one-sided idea, but also a company in the future development does not do a good long-term planning of a embodiment, but, when the enterprise to do so large in Asia are very influential, at this time. Asia domain name is very important. This is a direct embodiment of the ability of an enterprise to focus on the Asian market or to have leadership in one area.

So whether it is the company's own use, or you webmaster Friends invest in corn, is a very good choice, foreign generally for this domain name registration has no restrictions, but the price is no more than the domain name of the "com" how much cheaper, sometimes even higher.

This winter is a bit cold, and as Asia's largest domain registrar, ResellerClub has always brought a different kind of warmth, in the early days of the Chinese market is a series of preferential policies, in the mainland Domain name registration agent market repeatedly set off tide, this is a blockbuster attack, Strong domain Name registration 11588.html "> Preferential activities attracted many webmaster registration enthusiasm."

From its official Chinese website WWW.RRESELLERCLUB.COM/CN learned. Asia's domain name now only needs 4.49 U.S. dollars, the equivalent of half of the other agents are not! and the individual can act as a domain name registration service, they can alone to attract business to make money, and the business also has a considerable commission. In the era of internet outbreak, ResellerClub will always guide everyone to success.

Similarly, all the registration services on ResellerClub are supported by Chinese customer service. and support Alipay payment, is an excellent opportunity for agents, and this time. The Asia domain name registration offer will last until December 31 in 2010. Asian domain name friends, want to become Asia's largest registered agent of friends have to act quickly.

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