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First ventured to the webmaster to ask a question: As a webmaster, you feel your site characteristics where? Where is the website profit model? (AD league generally not reliable!) How do you get paid for your work? (a few cents, a few dollars or hundreds of yuan!) Can you earn back the cost of the website operation?

If your answer is not clear, you have to seriously self-examination, the webmaster can not eat it! So when you build a station, you have to think about how to make money? Of course, only by interest or hobby to do the station except (worthy of Chinese netizens respect!) You know, survival is the absolute truth.

To make money, first of all to be clear, I am a Web site, or a novel, picture site. This thinking clearly, the next is the most important-the site's profit model!

In the newly built station there is a profit model, and then step-by-step, to achieve the creation and improvement of profit model. That's not like a headless fly!

To make money, in the profit model before the establishment, first of all, we must ensure that the site's IP, this is not difficult, not difficult, easy? If you think carefully, I think all will think of common things-user registration! Has the user, has the repeat customer, the website does not worry the IP, does not worry the flow!

This section we first discuss some of the basics of user registration! Register some Considerations!

1. Website content: Your website content must at least have enough, enough splendid, can let the user be interested in registering, so the content is the king is the jade wrong. Of course, you can guarantee that your site even reproduced content than other sites in Baidu Google before the words, you also won!

2. Analysis of users: What are you interested in the content of your website? For example, Watercress (www.douban.com) its users in the final analysis is a group of more knowledge level, and the Internet more understanding, then you know, watercress registration Why is the use of the mailbox it! Because they all have mailboxes, maybe you feel nothing, But the site is often the details of the decision to success or failure! Again such as Baidu Daily Network (www.baidurenmin.com), to joke positioning, encourage the participation of a large number of netizens, to carry out the original and share, in the Word-of-mouth marketing is good. Also has an example: 51 website (www.51.com), his registration why is the nickname mainly, why is the video authentication? Because their users are some young people who like Non-mainstream, Love show, and self-portraits, and you will find that 70% of the users in 51 are Internet café users, So you understand why they need video validation? Because the Internet café generally has a camera (of course, many laptops now have a camera function, but the 51 was established, believe that the PC has a video function is still very limited.) So can also launch, Internet Café people will have a mailbox? So you can see that 51 of the site's user registration is not required to have a "mailbox"

3. Member application: Introduce clear membership rights and obligations, and prompt the user to confirm read terms. This is useless, but it is a standard when dealing with problems in the future! and others look less formal!

4. Member Registration: The registration process is clear and concise. 10 seconds to register, after the success of the member registration, and then detailed information. Who would be willing to spend a lot of time registering members, dizzy?

5. Form fill: As far as possible using the choice of Drop-down, I believe that every webmaster would like to use the mouse to deal with all the things before the computer, need to fill in part of the need to specify the content to fill in the content of the study. and limit required fields. (such as mobile phone number, zip code, etc. to avoid invalid information)

6. Form submission: Form to fill out the need to enter the verification code, to prevent water injection, but the verification code must be very clear, do not like Yahoo Google to submit the site page, the verification code is very long do not say, still see not clear, this point Baidu is better, on four words. And you can't because other people use the registration machine malicious registration, you will pass it to the user, how much verification code?? After the submission is successful, you should show a thank-you note and go back to the page (not to be belittled) accessed before the user registers.

7. Button settings: For interactive buttons must be clearly highlighted to ensure that users can clearly click, the location of the horizontal center, we must let users see the first time, QQ chat is better, there are two close Chat window button, unlike Baidu Hi, only a close button, After the word to turn off still have to move the mouse under the movement to close (0.5 seconds of the gap, but the feeling is different!).

8. Click on the tip: Click on the information to view the color needs to be displayed in different colors, to distinguish between the unread content, to avoid users repeat reading. I believe we all have experience.

9. Error: If the form to fill in error, should indicate the wrong place to fill out, and save the original fill in the content, reduce duplication of work. If it is me, I am not very willing to register, at least I will not have the patience to do.

10. Online questions and answers: After the user asked the background to timely feedback, the backstage show that there are new questions to ensure that the reply in time, you as a user, you also want their own problems the first time to answer. Leave your specific contact method, and finally the communication tools such as QQ!

Say a little disorderly, everybody forgives, hope everybody do station also want more analysis, go to bed early! It's three o'clock. Still in the code word, hope for everyone useful, also want to reprint friends can retain links: Welcome to share the site.

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