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Have you ever encountered the site traffic is clearly not small, but is not able to turn into consumers to buy products of the revenue problem? In fact, if this happens, it means that visitors to the site, not those who will buy products in the future lead. To find the right target, there are many paid web analytics services available, and free Google Analytics can track visitor details on different pages, but before you start digging into the data, the following 5 key points you can't ignore:


1. Has the website visitor already known your brand?

The focus of the site is that the link does not know the potential new customers of the enterprise, not those who just want to check the company's address, and a well-designed site should be only about 5% of the small number of visitors, is the company's name search to the site.

2. Do you bring in potential customers?

If you are a tennis equipment supplier, search for "tennis" or "Tennis racket" friends, it may not be helpful to you, but must include a brand name or a more specific product model and name of the search, only to show that these people know what they want, then if you can provide the best solution can deal.

3. Do you have enough in the social media?

If you spend 10% of your internet marketing effort on social media, and 25% of Web site visitors come from Facebook or Twitter, that's a decent percentage. You can even go further with Google Analytics to set up situational goals, such as looking for a user to come from Twitter to a page that links to a promotional proposal, and then Twitter can provide links to tweets to see how many people actually do it.

4. Did the visitor leave on your home page?

Google Analytics can show a percentage of visitors who only visit the home page but never click on links to other pages, and if that number is higher than 60%~7 0%, you're in trouble. Visitors find the search keywords used in the site, can let you determine whether he is the right person, but if they are the visitors, but do not want to further understand the desire of the site, it must be the home page out of the question, there may be not enough to look professional, the content is not attractive, or the site itself is confusing.

5. Does the visitor have a view of your product or service page?

The site should bring service sales or interest, but if the visitor does not view the relevant page, it also means that the home page did not achieve effectiveness. The home page should be able to be cut into decision paths to quickly differentiate according to the visitor's interests and guide them to find the information they need.

Most importantly, don't be afraid to analyze because these numbers are the key to finding out whether a site is effective or not.

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