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Remember the earliest contact network is in 01, think up also have 7 years, recall their own network process, from the initial focus of QQ, transferred to the University of the game as the focus, until 06 began to work, and really to contact the network.

At the beginning is in a small industry portal to do the network editing, daily information is not much, but also from the point of view of information to measure the quality of the news, even SEO is nothing to know. Later job-hopping, came to the current company. Here just know what is SEO, only to find that the original good optimization can bring so much traffic to the site. Especially recently came a SEO of the cattle, but also made me in this area has made progress. Recently, the staff was nervous, had to do the website headlines, just ready to test the results of the recent study.

The first information: "The national average wage level of urban and rural income gap continues to expand."

Recently on the "national average level of wages," the key word in Baidu has been included in the amount of a day, 100,000 or so, in the SEO expert point, ready to do something on the second keyword. Because I am the site mainly to do is the agricultural field, looked for more than n data, finally found a cut, on November 6, "the national average wage level of urban and rural income gap continued to expand" for the topic to do a piece of information, and finally can catch up with agriculture point edge. Hopefully put it up, waiting for 100,000 of the day to search the amount of things to come over. In less than 1500 words of information in the placement of 14 "national average level of wages," the keyword, but when I sent this information, the incident has happened a week or so.

The second news: "Gansu Apple was sold 8 cents 1 Jin farmers worried"

Coincidentally, yesterday in the search for the latest relevant information, just to see such a new site related to the information, see so fresh goods, immediately began to move to the fastest speed hanging up.

Originally I thought "the national average wage level of the urban and rural income gap continues to expand" This information was I placed so many keywords will have a good effect, the results of the morning to go to Baidu, search "national average wage level" I do the information ranked in the 7th page of Baidu position, and only this site a snapshot of the home page; , 27 hours only brings 195 PV; Gansu Apple was sold 8 cents 1 kg of farmers worried "within 27 hours but bring me nearly 800 of PV, I search" Gansu Apple was sold at a sale "This keyword, this station ranked first, hey.

Data results let me down glasses, the test results show that the hot keyword is important, but can be updated in the first time important information, Baidu should give you a better position.

A little piece of advice for network editors:

To be clear that you are the first editor, then the network editor, to do information to the information sensitivity has a good grasp, as far as possible in the first time to the important information can be posted to your platform; Keywords are important, but if you do content just to do the keyword, do the traffic, then in addition to relying on traffic to point revenue, Can not keep the user, of course, as a network editor, the necessary keyword optimization or will be, after all, network information, traffic for the king?

You can see my optimized website Eight of the company should be a master, such as cloud in this industry really bad mix AH

The first time to say their own point of view, you reader not to spray me Ah!

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