What are the features of soft and soft text marketing.

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What is soft wen: Enterprises through the soft Wen can put some of their own needs of publicity or advertising events actively exposed to newspapers, magazines and other print media, in order to achieve the effect of advertising and improve corporate visibility and reputation of the purpose. Soft article in the current has become a very practical enterprise propaganda methods, enterprise planning departments often put soft text advertising as an important work to do, often can make hard advertising to achieve the effect.

As the name suggests, it is relative to hard advertising, by the company's marketing planners or advertising company's copywriter responsible for writing "text ads." Compared with hard advertising, the soft text is called soft, the subtlety lies in a "soft" word, like petitions, collect but not dew, the enemy in the invisible, wait until you find this is a soft wen, you have been cold staring into the carefully designed "soft text advertising" trap. What it pursues is a kind of breeze, the effect of the silent spread. If the hard advertising is Waigu Shaolin Kung Fu, then, Soft wen is petitions, softness Wudang Boxing, carrot and stick, both internal and external repair, is the most powerful marketing tool.

How to write Soft text:

1. Write soft wen first to select the starting point, that is, how to promote the needs of products, services or brand information perfect embedded in the content of the article, a good point of entry can make the whole soft text look natural, the soft ads to achieve the ultimate.

2. Design article structure, grasp the overall direction, control the trend of the article, select a strong impact of the title.

3. Improve the overall text, according to the framework of rich content, to polish the specific content.

4. Repeated communication and improvement.

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