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In recent years to promote retro, many friends are interested in traditional culture, more people want to strengthen the atmosphere of traditional festivals, to resist the invasion of the Ocean Festival. Ancient season order, especially the winter solstice, New Year's Day, cold food, the most important. So someone asked, why modern people but cold food festival?

Cold food in ancient times among the three Indosasa, is the continuation of the ancient fire worship custom, and also remember Jisao responsibility. The origins of cold food, the folk legend, is to commemorate the spring and autumn when the scholar-meson push. Early in the pre-Qin period, people have been produced binger cold food Festival, the first time as long as January, and has a certain regional nature. After the reform, stereotypes become the winter solstice 105 days after the cold food, must stop cooking broken fire 3rd custom. During the Wei and Jin dynasties, cold food gradually spread to the central plains.

With the development of society and Culture, the imperial court has done a lot of work in order to carry out this festival. In order to promote cold food festival in Tang Dynasty, formulated a rigorous punitive measures: cold food, the authorities will send people around the random inspection, with chicken feathers for measuring tools, inserted into the home of the people's stove ashes, if the chicken feathers by the remaining temperature roasting, that some people do not comply with the provisions of cooking, private fire, the circumstances can even be executed. Through this forced promotion, has brought great inconvenience to the people of the cold food Festival, was included in the life of a population sequence.

In addition to coercive measures, the court will also use a number of incentives to create conducive to cultural prosperity of the environment, so that the people of the cold food Festival more identity. "Sung" Yue: "Every year of cold food, dragon Boat Festival, Winter solstice, there are Special Branch, special support has the size difference." "In the Song Dynasty officials and Pawn, the annual cold food can be brought to the court special salary, in order to meet the order, sacrifice ancestors." In addition to public officials, some people can enjoy a certain amount of subsidy. The Song Dynasty aquifer "thing Ji Yuan" Yue: "February 7 Zhao: The slum dweller, the winter is cold food to avoid 僦 straight 3rd, this festival free from the beginning also." "For low-income families living in poverty and in government-provided housing, the annual cold food can be exempted from the rent of 3rd, so that they have spare money on hand to facilitate the artificial eating section." Cold food Festival is to become the Song Dynasty enjoy the official subsidy of a major public holiday.

Dynasties Court spent a great effort to promote the cold food festival, is to strengthen the political function of the festival, customs and orthodoxy closely together, so as to achieve the purpose of the sandwich. Forbidden is the biggest theme of cold food, during the festival, the emperor will take the lead to stop cooking, only to eat cooked in advance. The Tang Dynasty Zhang nationality's "cold food Inside banquet poem": "Porch under the royal Kitchen is cold, the temple before incense ride cones fly." "To the tomb-sweeping day, the emperor again to the new fire as a unique way of blessing, to be given to the Bai Guan."

Ancestor worship is another of the essentials of the cold food Festival. It is said to be Tang Zhuangzong Li Cunging take the lead in the cold food sacrifice, then Xiangyan Moralize, until the Song Dynasty, is to become the important ceremony of people to show Xiaos. In the countryside outside the Song Dynasty, some business-minded hawkers would temporarily unruly sheds or houses, selling manservant to facilitate the jisao of food to the public. Children are playing a game of throwing tiles, called "堶". From this a series of folk custom and business behavior, but also make the song of cold food rural offerings, become a set outing, friends meet, Game entertainment, ancestor to chase far from the many forms of social activities.

Cold food during the cold, rice flour made mostly, jujube is the most popular foods. The Tang Dynasty had a special shop for sale. Song people also produce new ideas, with Wicker will jujube string hanging up, inserted in their own lintel, called "Son Push Yan". However, due to wet and rainy spring, poor air mobility, bacteria easy to breed, cold food festival must be a ceasefire 3rd, people can only eat in advance to do a good drink, drinking water, no hot water bath, not only easy to hurt and gastrointestinal, but also easily lead to disease prevalence. To the Ming and Qing dynasties, sacrificial ancestors have gradually been fixed to the tomb-sweeping day, cold food no court of the promotion and welfare subsidies, was replaced by Qingming Festival.

To this day, cold food although the more thousand years and the thread is not cut, but it to the pro, more as people chant spring, entrusted to the emotions of the symbol samples, there have been forbidden, cold custom, has been solidified into a bunch of times of the code, parked in the folds of the years.

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