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Most corporate Web sites subject to product type restrictions make the site content updates are limited, now the site optimization is "content is king" era, many sites have to add content for the site is a headache. I tell you: they are bound by the fixed thinking, in fact, break through the normal update of the scope of the article. You will find that the website update is actually very simple.

1. Build a blog or forum for the corporate website

This is obvious, the blog is originally published articles. But the forum is more lively, the update article even does not have the website owner to manage.

2. Home set expert online.

This can be an example, seowhy has a question and answer module. And every day a new question and answer post is pushed to the home page. Very good update drive device.

3. Open up user Feedback module

This module allows users to comment on your service, which can later serve as a testament to the success of your website service.

4. FAQ topics

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) are issues that your customers want to know and you can keep the topic updated. To attract more customers to visit.

5. Release product evaluation.

If your product needs evaluation, you can publish some objective evaluation articles, users like this kind of not exaggerated, not derogatory evaluation content. can also enhance the credibility of your corporate website.

7. Review of History

What do you mean? For example, your website is made of watches, you can write about the history of this watch, as well as the historical development. Even some stories about celebrities. Or you can move up the entire history of your watch. It looks like you have a higher degree of professionalism.

6. Provide online user manual.

Users like manuals, and preferably a detailed manual. Be sure to introduce every detail of your product. For example, you are a printer. We will introduce how to print, add toner and so on. In short, the more detailed the better.

7. Update the content in season.

Some products have seasonal points, such as clothing. Follow the season to update the corresponding article will be very few customers like.

8. Statistical data Display

Icons or tables are OK, some people always like to see statistics. Provide these exactly to meet their needs.

In short, you can update a lot of content, but it is best to original content. (I think in fact false original also can)

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