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This article inspiration from the "recent Network marketing college students in the SEO aspect of the rapid progress, let me constantly re-examine their understanding of SEO, reflective seo." Until that night, I just notice, realize, originally, their Z-blog blog homepage, some even every page tags exist value.

Carefully observed the network marketing college students most of the blog and several SEO-related celebrities blog, such as Yangfan Teacher's www.ccyyw.com, Aunt Li Seo www.ayi.net.cn. Because I personally use the Z-blog program, so I can only z-blog tags as an example, I believe that no matter the website program or other blog programs should have tags or similar tags function.

Why do they put tags on the homepage or even every page? and then observe their tags content, many are with their own blog selected keywords, the core content is very relevant long tail keywords. Their blog is indeed doing SEO, the same optimization of a word, why can be very easy to do the search engine homepage even first?

Of course, not excluding the domain name age, outside the chain and other factors, search engine on a domain name weight evaluation is from scratch. For example, my domain name: lxdong.com has 4 years of age, for SEO value is huge, then I and a new domain name at the same time optimize a keyword, then I should still have advantages, how much advantage that depends on the search engine how to assess your domain name, detailed introduction please see "Domain name on search engine optimization" ( SEO) Impact "--http://www.lxdong.com/post/yuming-seo.html

Excluding those influencing factors, there are also some man-made uncontrollable factors, such as competition vicious competition and so on. I introduced in detail, I observed the tags function:

Landing Z-blog backstage, look that tags management function, this is I often ignore the z-blog backstage, it is not in the page corner, why I will ignore its existence, like me so curious people, should have found, and now found that it is not too late to mend.

Click to enter tags management, the top has a tags new, the following is your previous use of tags, I used to use tags in this chapter, but I did not notice the original use of this tags is quite fastidious.

Last night before I changed, I created more than 100 tags. Each time you write an article, click on the new article (visual editing) feature, the other steps do not say. Key in, the content of the article has a column name tags of the space, you can add tags, you can also choose to display all tags, click the select tags.

Before this, I have been using their own manually add tags, resulting in more than 110 tags inside there are a lot of repeated words, these words calculate keywords, or what I am not sure. But I observed Yangfan teacher's blog tags are his core keywords, I think this and tags have a certain relationship with it, only for reference, personal guess.

Tags through the management of this function, you can better manage the tags, here I think directly is the core keywords, and long tail keywords. The use of Z-blog backstage tags management has two major benefits:

First, convenient tags management, in the future when writing articles, more selective, no need to think, it will appear that you write the article has no purpose, no goal. Do seo I personally more agree with, update blog content, that is, write original articles, the same need to pay attention to the quality of the article, after all, we are still students, do not have the economic ability to pursue the chain, free to the outside of the chain, even if there is a chain of the PR estimate will not be high, up to your blog

Second, SEO, the long-term development of the blog is very helpful, you can very clearly know, you have to do the blog is what purpose, such as, want to optimize the keywords. Often use the same tags, you can highlight the core of your blog key words, and then observe Yangfan Blog, site planning how many times?

and SEO lecturer Liu Zhijun QQ Communication dialogue, he told me: Tags management function page, tags name can be keywords, can be long tail keyword, summary can be the keyword description. I personally did not go to add a summary, interested can be in-depth understanding.

Last night, is a bed and breakfasts, thank Z-blog plug-in developers Living Dead--haphic help, or I manually modify the original more than 100 tags, it will be a "huge project"? I dare not imagine! Find tags This problem first time, I contacted the haphic, To find a one-time clear original tags method.

Just as he was invisible online, he was very enthusiastic to help me use Word access to modify the database file method, one-time clear all tags before. Friendship remind: Z-blog database file is based on, word2003-access platform developed, if you do not have this version of the word access software, it is recommended not to modify.

I'm like a lot of people, SEO is an entry-level rookie, so I said not necessarily tags on SEO has an impact, of course, Z-blog has this function, and so well-known SEO are focused on tags, are placed in its blog homepage or even every page, should be for SEO is a certain significance!?

Spent a night, at the risk of being search engine down the right risks, here to emphasize that the search engine on the changes are too large blog or website when cheating, especially Baidu, the same page changes too big, it is likely to your site "hair" as punishment.

I am not aware of the "search engine marketing" in the emphasis of the Search engine optimization (SEO) in the field of network marketing, SEO is relative to search engine marketing (SEM) is more cost-effective network marketing methods and get a good search engine rankings of important marketing ideas, technical means. Do SEO spend less money, technology good SEO even do not spend a penny, do not need an outside chain, you can optimize the word to search engine first page even first. That is certainly SEO master can do things, I just like to have heard, like me rookie SEO or do a little more honest.

Honestly do SEO and on behalf of me not to try, not to risk, explore new SEO technology concept. Of course this tags is a lot of people have noticed, so far from what SEO technology and SEO concept of innovation, change.

The purpose of writing this article is only to let more SEO enthusiasts, notice z-blog tags function. Around the things you live and use, you'll find more interesting, more things that you haven't paid attention to before, that you've noticed, that it's there, maybe in a sense, "it has a potential relationship with SEO."

This article is for reference only, if found that there are irregularities, please tell me in time, I will be the first time to amend, Welcome to Exchange SEO learning experience and experience.

Extra: "According to Z-blog, one of the official plug-in developers, Haphic said that he is currently involved in the development of Z-blog new features, he introduced to me is a guest message can then directly forward Bo Main mailbox, let us all wait and see Z-blog new version, the new features are not strong! Please be patient for further release of Z-blog ...

(Text/Lu Xiaodong) If the need to reprint, annotated original source: http://www.lxdong.com/post/seo-zblog-tags.html

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