Conch Cement rose 2% and the target price to 55.09 yuan

Conch Cement H-share in the early morning after the start of the low to undertake, the stock price rose 1.77% to HK $48.75 a half, 1.57 million shares.  Daiwa issued a report saying the unit was better than the big city rating, raising its target price from HK $43.09 to HK $55.09, a premium of 13% per cent. Daiwa, the cement industry has reached a point where the price of coal is rising so that costs are slowing, and demand is heating up as investment in fixed assets increases. Cement prices are expected to fall by 3% in 2009 from a year earlier (forecast to fall 6.5%), up 2% from the previous year in 2010. Given the new cement ...

Wen Jiabao: China makes unremitting efforts to cope with climate change

BEIJING, Copenhagen ten mid-spring 18th Power Copenhagen Climate Change conference leaders meeting local time 18th in Denmark. Leaders of more than 100 countries, as well as heads of international organizations such as the United Nations and its specialized agencies, attended the meeting.  Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attended the meeting and issued an important speech entitled "Rallying resonance, strengthening cooperation and advancing the process of coping with the history of climate change", and comprehensively expounded the Chinese government's attitude, proposition and measures to deal with the problem of weather change. Wen said that climate change is a major challenge facing the world today. It is the common mission of all mankind to curb the warming of the weather and save the Earth's homeland.

State-owned enterprise index back to 50-day rally 249 points at noon

State-owned Enterprises index morning, U.S. stocks awake sharp rebound, and the mainland A-shares continue to be strong, are the city to bring support, the state refers to the Rift high open 230 points, the recovery of the 50 days of the day, but due to lack of initiative to buy support, the wisdom of 10,565 points in the opening level narrow favoured, noon closed to 10,528 points, 249 points Or 2.43%, the turnover of only 7.88 billion Hong Kong dollars, trading in a quiet, unfavorable to rebound space hold too high expectations.  That is, the month refers to the rise of 228 points to 10,540 points, high water 11 points, the contract 15514. The constituent stocks of state-owned enterprises are almost all rebounded.

India's ambassador to China: Sino-Indian Economic and trade cooperation ushered in a new opportunity

December 18, Hunan province Governor Zhou met with Indian Ambassador Suger in Changsha. Sujeson said: "2010 is the 60 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties, India will hold a celebration in Beijing, but also to other cities in China to organize a series of activities, especially the organization of a group of investors and entrepreneurs in Hunan and other provinces to explore opportunities for cooperation, and the Indian government will be open to welcome investors to Sino-New Society, Showan, Changsha ten mid-spring 18th Xinhua "Next year is the 60 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and India, we will not only hold a celebration in Beijing, but also the other Chinese cities to hold a ...

From chief editor to Dean Hu Shuli in the middle of the big speech

China News agency Guangzhou 10 mid-spring 18th questions: From editor-in-chief to President Hu Shuli in the Chinese magazine, "Caijing" founder, the original editor Hu Shuli, 18th officially became the director of the School of Communication and design, Sun Yat-sen University. In the afternoon, in her meeting with the students, she confessed that after 30 years of media career, entering a holy University for Journalism education was a new job and a challenge to herself.  But she will work with teachers and students to make the college a first-rate level. Three o'clock in the afternoon, the School of Communication and design of the Sun Yat-sen University is packed with students coming to hear the new Dean's speech. ...

Wen Jiabao: China's biggest energy-saving and emission-reduction countries in recent years

Xinhua News: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said 18th in Copenhagen that China was the first developing country to implement the National plan for weather change, and also the biggest energy-saving and emission-reduction countries in recent years.

Wen Jiabao: China's fastest growing country for new and renewable Sources of energy

Xinhua News: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said 18th in Copenhagen that China is the fastest growing country in the world for new and renewable energy sources, and is also the largest man-made plantation area on Earth.

Chinese scientists suggest recycling carbon dioxide as fertilizer to develop low-carbon agriculture

Xinhua Xian December 18 Many people think carbon dioxide as a greenhouse effect of the transgressions, is a harmful waste gas.  Dr. Xu Fuli, a researcher and fertilizer expert at the Institute of Soil and Water conservation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that carbon dioxide is really a kind of fertilizer that can be used for agricultural production, the State should actively support the development of carbon dioxide as the raw material of "carbon-based fertilizers", thereby significantly reducing carbon dioxide, to develop Low-carbon In plant elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen 3 elements accounted for more than 95%, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other dozens of elements accounted for 5%. Eyes ...

Leaders of more than 110 countries and international organizations hold summit in Copenhagen

Xinhua News: More than 110 national and international leaders held a summit in Copenhagen 18th to seek to promote global efforts to combat climate change.

Developers take a down payment of not less than 50%

Five ministries out of the new deal to fight hoarding land: such as arrears of the price should not participate in the sale of land transfer this newspaper today comprehensive news, "Curb some of the city prices too fast rise" policy first punch, hit the developers hoarding, speculation. The Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Land and other five ministries issued yesterday, "further strengthen the land transfer revenue and expenditure management notice", after clarifying the developer to take the land, "payment of all land transfer price period in principle not more than one year, special projects can be agreed to be fully paid in two years, the first contribution ratio shall not be less than the total land transfer 50%". If the developer defaults on the price, may not participate in ...

Premier Wen Jiabao expects substantial results from the weather summit

China Daily News: China Daily, December 18, the first photo of the main page: December 17, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Raddisson Scandinavia hotel bilateral talks before the photo.

Cathay Airlines rose 1.33% for a half-day to see HK $6

Cathay Airlines (00293-HK) rose 1.33% a half-day, reported 10.64 Hong Kong dollars, a deal of HK $10.3919 million, the shares of the early losses of the market, the index rose 2.36%, reported 17661.01 points. Citigroup maintained the sales rating of the unit at a target price of HK $6.  The bank said the company's management said there was no sign of a recovery in first class cabin demand, suggesting that the business would continue to weigh heavily on the company's net profit, although the situation did not deteriorate further, but it was not stable enough because the fierce competition in the economy's business class continued to dampen improvements in passenger yields. The bank also noted that ...

Chinese premier meets Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (pictured)

local time by 10 mid-spring the morning of 18th, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, who attended the Copenhagen climate Change Conference in Denmark, met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. During the meeting, Wen expressed the hope that India, Brazil, South Africa and developing countries would strengthen their solidarity and cooperation. Sino-New Society Hair Yu Yu

China's economy is showing a clear rebound in two quarter or above 8%

"The trend of China's economic recovery is further clarified. After a 6.1% increase in the first quarter, the two-quarter growth should be 8% or even higher, so that the first half of the year's growth will be higher than 7%, so the Chinese economy is clearly showing signs of a rebound.  "At the seminar of the national" excellent builders "organized by the central Front and the China Federation of Commerce, Yu Bin, Minister of Macroeconomic Research at the Development Research Center of the State Council, pointed out that although the above data are quite gratifying, the next step of our economy still faces many problems that cannot be neglected. First, asset prices have risen sharply. Although 1-May CPI and PPI ...

Premier Wen Jiabao talks with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

China Daily News: Premier Wen Jiabao will meet with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Copenhagen early this morning 8 o'clock to coordinate climate change negotiations in developing countries.  Following a meeting with Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Premier Wen Jiabao again met with the heads of State of the "basic four countries" in Copenhagen to make a final effort to reach an agreement on a climate change conference. (Source: China Daily reporter Shang Li Yu)

Developing countries brace for this year G8 American model is no longer bullish

It can be said that the world economic structure has changed radically since the Wall Street financial crisis broke out. On the one hand, the U.S. economy has begun to decline, the "American model" is no longer bullish, on the other hand, the role of developing countries, especially China is more and more important. From July 8 to 10th, the annual Group of Eight Summit was held in the central Italian city of Aquila. From the world economic crisis to the issue of climate change, from energy security to food security, from global trade issues to global security issues, summit issues are "everywhere". G8 members are from the United States, Britain ...

New agricultural and medical services to increase speed: Next year's per capita funding level will reach 150 yuan

Sun Shubo in perfecting the medical security system and expanding domestic demand to cope with the financial crisis, the decision-making level has shown unprecedented determination and strength to perfect the new rural Cooperative Medical Service (hereinafter referred to as "the new agricultural Combination").  Yesterday, in the Ministry of Health's routine press conference, the Ministry of Health, deputy Director of rural health Management Niechunre said that 2010 China's new Rural finance level, from 2009 per capita 100 yuan each year to increase to 150 yuan. And the long-term existence in the new farming system in the reimbursement of the proportion and scope of issues, also yesterday, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Finance and other five ministries issued jointly ...

Sweden takes over EU presidency

Reporter Yu Yu wave intern Li "to deal with the economic crisis, climate change and promote EU reform, will become the EU in the second half of this year's three major priorities," July 8, Swedish ambassador to China Lin held a press conference in Beijing, briefed the Chinese and foreign media on the EU's recent major work focus.  Sweden replaced the Czech Republic as the new EU Presidency on July 1. "During the six-month term, Sweden will continue to focus on crisis management and reach new regional agreements to strengthen bank regulation," Ambassador Lin said. Hope to establish an EU-level regulatory body to strengthen cross-border ...

Income from non-tax revenue increased by nearly 20% in June

Compared with a 31.4% increase in non-tax revenue, revenue revenue in the tax income is still down 6% Xiangjian from the trough to the crest, revenue growth has completed a roller coaster-like transformation. According to data released last night by the Treasury, June's revenue growth has changed sharply, up 19.6% from a year earlier.  Only six months ago, revenue was still in a difficult period of double-digit declines. The relevant department of the Ministry of Finance analysis said that the recent two-month revenue growth has gradually rebounded, mainly due to economic recovery, non-tax revenue into rapid growth, strengthen management, fuel tax ...

20 billion yuan discounted national debt will be issued

The Ministry of Finance website announced yesterday, the Ministry of Finance decided to issue 2009 bookkeeping Discount (14 issue) National Debt (hereinafter referred to as the current issue) 20 billion yuan. July 24, 2009 from the trading venues in the listing of transactions, trading in the form of cash coupons trading and repurchase. The term of the current debt is 182 days.

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