GDP could weigh 8% in the second quarter

A forecast for Thursday will be released quarterly data according to statistics bureau data release schedule, this Thursday will be released in the two quarter GDP growth and CPI and other important data. The National People's Congress Financial Committee will also convene a semi-annual economic situation analysis meeting, experts generally believe that the two-quarter GDP growth rate will rise significantly, about 8%. In addition, from some published June data, PMI, generating capacity for the first time, the decline of import and export significantly narrowed, rapid investment growth, sustained consumption, industrial production continued to good, rapid growth of money and credit, and so on, are verifying the pattern of economic recovery is gradually accurate ...

Term options Essay: High repetition

The South China financial Pan Yuqi stock market in the early Friday, the end of the rally.  The Dow closed at 8,500 points, rose 97 or 1.15%, the S & P 500 liters 1.36%, reported 919, and Rose 1.29% and reported 1774 points. July oil closed at $66.31 a barrel, up 1.23 dollars.  The August gold closed at $980.3 per ounce, up 17.1 dollars. The company rose again on the day and succeeded at 18000, closing at 18171, 286 or 1.6%, and the city's total turnover of 92.2 billion. June period refers to a slightly lower opening after the early anti ...

WTO Director-General warns trade barriers hinder global recovery

British Reuters reported 13th, the World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Lamy at the WTO headquarters in Geneva on the same day warned that many countries to deal with the crisis to establish trade barriers, which will hinder the global economic recovery. In his appeal to the WTO's 153 Member States, Mr Lamy said trade restrictions such as punitive tariffs on imported products would worsen the financial crisis in the event of a decline in global demand. However, Mr Lamy said that, despite the current rise in trade disputes, retaliatory trade measures and trade sanctions, the current "High intensity trade protectionism" has not yet exploded ...

Sinopec picks up near 5% beneficiary oil price hike

Chinese-funded oil stocks this morning, because the mainland to increase the price of oil products, Sinopec Pan, 6.54 Yuan, a rose 5.14%, the latest reported 6.52 Yuan, 4.8%, turnover of 430 million yuan, PetroChina (00857-HK) the highest price of 9.15 yuan, Rose 2.92%,  New newspaper 9.14 Yuan, 2.8%, turnover of 170 million yuan. The China Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued a notice to increase the price of petrol and diesel at $400 per ton (RMB, hereinafter) after the start of this morning, with an average price of 6,930 and 6,1 for the maximum retail prices of domestic diesel.

Five ministries regulate house price first gun take place down payment 50%

Reporter Zhang Five ministries 17th on the regulation of the real estate market, curb the rapid rise in house prices issued "first gun"-the requirement for developers to take the land, the first contribution rate should not be lower than the total land transfer 50%;  This new measure, or will be on the developer capital chain to form pressure to curb part of speculation, hoarding land behavior. December 17, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Land and other five ministries issued "on the further strengthening of land transfer and income Management Notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), refers to the existing areas of arrears of land transfer income problem, failed to do ...

China's safe-rise 3%uob material life insurance earnings or will rebound strongly

A slight slowdown in premium growth has not hurt the market's bullish expectations of Ping An, a notable rise this morning, with shares now up 3.21% to HK $56.25, trading 4.44 million shares.  Dahua (UOB) issued a report saying that the purchase rating of the unit was maintained, with a target price of HK $68.8, which was 22% higher than the market price. UOB that although the return on personal life insurance investment in June fell by 25 points, Ping An has still recorded a 25% per cent increase in the single month, and the strong revenue from the sale of insurance products has increased by 52.5%, which is also a surprise; it is estimated that with the A-share market improving and a smooth bond, the

Hang Seng Index half a 406-point report 17,661 pay 25.4 billion yuan

U.S. stocks rose, following a 377-point rise, the index had risen to 17,600, but the early increase had narrowed to 327 to 17,580, followed by a Chinese-funded share-led, a half-day close to 17,661, 406 or 2.36%, and a 249 or 2.43% per cent rise  528, the big city half a year to reduce to 25.4 billion yuan, the period refers to noon reported 17,622, 346 points, with the spot low water 39 points, deal 34, 198 Zhang. Bank shares with the United States to make good, the Exchange control (0005-HK) rose 2.85%, Heng ...

Economic power data is getting better May big city CNOOC Strong flush 11 yuan off

Sima Jing The United States after April consumer confidence rebounded, May consumer confidence rose to 68.7 to create a 8-month high, spurred on Friday the Dow rose 96 points climbed 8,500 levels, and even rose 3 months.   Today's Asia-Pacific markets reopened after the holiday, June City's first trading day is expected to undertake the periphery rally more upper floors, Hong Kong stocks to undertake last week's end of the city Chong more than 18,100 momentum, is expected to repeat to 18,700 level, market funds continue to pursue a strong internal silver, internal housing and resource stocks, and the two DA shares have the power to pursue the Hong Kong stocks in May the city has a strong performance, the whole month rose more than 2,600 ...

Crocodile shirt against the city down 1.43% by the management of the weak speech drag

As a drag on the management, the Crocodile shirt (00122-HK) fell 1.43% to HK $0.345 and sold HK $88,000, and the index is up 2.14%.  The chairman of the company, Lin Jian, pointed out that Hong Kong's consumer sentiment was weak and that if the owners refused to reduce the rent significantly, they would plan to close about 15 outlets in Hong Kong in the next three years, which would account for about half of the present, and divert resources to increase the distribution points in the mainland. Some analysts pointed out that the maxleaf weak crocodile-shirt, coupled with the failure of privatization, the short-term no such vision, I believe the stock price is hard to turn strong.

The US group rose 2.12% and the target price to HK $5.4

The United States Union Group (01200-HK) is now up 2.12%, reported 4.33 Hong Kong dollars, a deal of HK $18.5996 million, the stock is now basically synchronized big city, the index rose 2.1%. Daiwa raised the share rating from holding to stronger than the market, while also raising its target price of 6 months from HK $4.25 to HK $5.40.  The bank believes the recent pullback is an opportunity, as the trend towards higher wealth flows to the residential property market is already apparent in Hong Kong, and the recent slowdown in these activities is unlikely to be serious. Daiwa also said that the United States in the first half of 09 performance very good, pre ...

General Motors unveils bankruptcy protection suspense today

GM is set to usher in the most critical moment of its century-old career today. U.S. President Barack Obama said in a media interview last weekend that seeking bankruptcy protection should be the only option for GM. That makes it no surprise that GM's bankruptcy protection is also a court reorganization.  Obama is expected to formally announce the announcement in the early morning of June 1 in the United States. and trade unions to cut labor cost agreements with the General Motors Company began 29th to conduct a two-day board meeting to ultimately determine the fate of the company. The same day, GM and the United Auto Workers ' Union (UAW) reached the "benefit change work" agreement ...

Huadian International Rose 5% Richer Silver sell call

Huadian International, which sold 5% more in the first half of the year, shares a notable rally this morning, with shares rising 5.37% to HK $2.55 a year and 4.97 million shares.  UBS issued a report saying it maintained the sales rating of the unit, with a target price of HK $1.8 and a 29% discount to market prices. UBS, excluding the contribution of the new plant, fell 5.6% per cent from a year earlier in 09. It is believed that the upturn in profits due to the fall in coal prices this year has been reflected in share prices. But it is still worried about the future of China's high capital spending and capacity expansion, while the demand outlook is more modest.

Hong Kong stocks this week or try 18600 pay attention to the major city reversal signal caution against high adjustment

--pay attention to the signal of the reversal of the big city the high position of the index is adjusted this reporter Chao Jian in Friday, although the U.S. economic data are mixed, but the three major index of stocks rose 1%, Hong Kong stock in the United States, the pre-backed securities (ADR) is equivalent to push up the HSI 165 Looking ahead to Hong Kong equities this week, analysts point out that Hong Kong stocks may have been built in Monday, the index may continue to rise this week, the first stop near 18,500 to 18,600 points, but also called on investors to be careful, because the current foreign funds have ceased to flow, the rising momentum of Hong Kong stocks has weakened signs, the recent big city also ...

Zhi Gao Holdings 11%

Tangsun Holdings (00449.HK), the mainland's fourth-largest air conditioner producer, was listed on the HKEx yesterday with a 3.12 Hong Kong dollar exchange rate of HK $2.51, which was only 10.57% higher than the $2.27 offer. The company's management said export orders in the first half of the year had been reduced by the recession in Europe and the US, but the situation has improved.

Scholar: China's economic growth in the second quarter after accelerating the end of Japan

Xinhua Beijing, May 31, according to the Hong Kong "Wen Wei Po" reported that despite the mixed economic data of the first 4 months of this year, some optimists believe the Chinese economy has gone out of its doldrums into a slow-growing phase, and that China is expected to overtake Japan as the world's second-largest economy by the end of the year. According to the report, director of China and the World Economic Research Center, Tsinghua University, said that so far, the growth of China's real economy has basically finished the pace of decline, the Chinese economy can speak out of the trough, into a growth rate of the channel, the end of the year China's economy ...

China Eastern Airlines rises 4% to develop regional market with Yunnan Sasac

An earlier executive said Eastern Airlines, which was set to expand its co-operation with Taiwan's China Airlines, had a significantly higher share price of 4.02% to HK $1.81 and 706,000 shares in the morning. St East Airlines (600115-CN) now fell 0.74% to 5.38 yuan/share.  New progress has been made in the company's business expansion; the company announced that it intends to set up a joint venture with the Yunnan provincial capital (China Eastern Airlines holding 65%) to expand the Yunnan aviation market; Now the parent company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Yunnan provincial government, but the listed companies have not signed official documents with the relevant governmental departments of Yunnan province. There is a city ...

Experts say China's stock market is on the low side 3 years after the market may be inflation

The "Jiangsu Economic and Enterprise Development Summit Forum", held by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the South Normal University School of Business, said yesterday in Nanjing, Professor Wei, executive deputy director of Tsinghua University's China Economic Research Center, at the forum that China's economy would be out of this round of adjustment cycles by the first half of 2011 The key to dealing with this crisis is to start investment and stimulate consumption, and the state will introduce policies to increase residents ' incomes.  He also believes that the current domestic stock market still has room to rise, the property price is somewhat high. Three years later, there may be inflation in China. Professor Wei is a central decision-making expert.

The month refers to the high Open 230 point report 18,380 points

That is, the monthly HSI Futures high Open 230 points, reported 18,380 points.

Hot switching frequently chasing high-transfer-weighted shares investment opportunities

After the subject stock and the weight of the hot switch, the market into a stalemate, the annual report has been a concern of the high transfer stock market can again become hot? To this end, we have to the annual report of 10 to send 5 or 10 units more than 5 yuan has been implemented dividend companies to carry out statistics.  Data show that 82 companies, in addition to the right before the 5th to win the Shanghai Composite Index of a total of 57, accounted for more than 70%, the emergence of a more obvious right to grab the market, which, some of the small plate after the right to continue to deduce the rights of the market. is currently in the annual report dividend implementation-intensive period, send or send a proportion of more than 10:5 of the high transfer of the right to share shares still have 57 ...

Gold copper stocks soar as metal prices rise to inspire sentiment

Chinese gold and copper stocks rose significantly this morning, Zijin Mining (02899-HK) and Jiangxi Copper (00358-HK) A shares are up 9.1% and 8.2%,h shares also rose 4.4% and 6.7%; Run to win other metal resources stocks. Due to the rise of international metal prices; The fall in the dollar prompted speculative funds to buy gold, boosting New York's trading company's Comex gold futures in August with a 17.1 dollar rise to $980.30 per ounce, and the London Metal Exchange (LME) Copper also hit a three-week high, with three-month copper closing 4, 830 dollars, Medium ...

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